What's the best way to organize and format FAQ in zwiki for best usability and ease of editing & maintenance ? There's more than one way to do it.

On this page, let's use faq to mean one question and answer, FAQ to mean the collection of faqs.

I've tried a number of options for Zwiki's FAQ:

  1. questions and answers gathered on one page
  2. one page per question, linked on a main FAQ page

3. one page per FAQ section, and a main FAQ page with DTML generating a table of contents. Here's the MultiPageFAQDTML in case we ever want it again. (Assumes questions are prefixed with an appropriate HTML named anchor.)

4. (current) one big FAQ page, with a DTML-generated table of contents. (Named anchors as above, and section headings are HTML H2 tags.)

  1. one big FAQInReStructuredText? page, using RST's contents tag.
  2. mini FAQ's - short topical FAQ wherever needed

Brainstorming (old)


  • inlined faqs - include a number of questions and answers on one

page. (InstallationNotes?, InstallingOnWindows). That page might be

  • a main FAQ page
  • a subsection/specific FAQ page
  • any page where we want it to be seen (InstallationNotes?)
  • linked faqs - create one page per faq, using wikinames or freeform names.

These might be parented

  • under the main FAQ page
  • under a subsection page (to organize the hierarchy and printouts)


  • (inlined) make the questions bold
  • (inlined) use structured text definition lists are to indent answers:

the question needs to be written on a single line, ending in ' --', followed by answer text on the next line. Second and subsequent answer paragraphs need to be indented. An <p> tag is needed after the answer if separation is desired.

building an index (table of contents)

  • (inlined) add html anchors so that you can link to specific questions.

Anchor tags are the question's text, simplified if necessary, lower case and non-spaced. The index will have to be maintained by hand.

  • (linked) use a list of freeform (square bracket) links for the index.

You need to build this by hand, but zwiki will update it when faq pages are renamed. Questions without answers can be easily distinguished & answered.

  • (linked) use dtml to build the list of links based on page hierarchy

(list all children of the FAQ page)

FAQ is the latest incarnation.


When using the linked or form method it's important that the questions aren't longer than 100 characters, due to that's the limit on the 'manage this page:' form.

TopicFaqTest? <-- delete?