I work as a Build & Deploy guy for a Fortune 100 company. I am working on a Content Mangement System tailored to SCM needs. Basicly Zope/Plone with a ZWiki per project and the new group calandering from ZC.

I also utilize a technique (idiom?) that I documented over at the Plone in my Wiki. ( http://plone.org/Members/CMYanko/myWiki/FrontPage )

I'm extending that Plone customization to include a ZWiki for each project. It will serve as a collaborative documentation space including the MultiPageFAQDTML and IssueTracker. We'll use the IssueTracker to document problems we experience rather than as a task list of things that need fixing though I'm sure some of those issues will find there way in there. I am also looking into using ZWiki to create our runbooks.

I'll also employ TextIndexNG? so we have indexing for Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF's along with near search and scoring functionality. The MetaData? push model and topics as aggregators. I am using CMFContentPanels? to make a high level dashboard.

-Curtis Yanko


cool --simon, Wed, 02 Jun 2004 10:29:26 -0700 reply
Hi Curtis.. thanks for the update.

FYI http://plone.org/Members/CMYanko/myWiki (the Wiki link on your plone home page) has a problem. Perhaps putting FrontPage in a default_page folder property (maybe lines, maybe string) will fix it - if not you'll need an index_html method, PAGE/setupDtmlMethods might do it. (DeleteMe at will)

more trouble --simon, Wed, 02 Jun 2004 10:47:42 -0700 reply
Also, did you know the breadcrumbs script is giving an error for most pages :( . I had to use http://plone.org/Members/CMYanko/myWiki/DevWeb/render?bare=1 to read. It looks like getTypeInfo() for one of the breadcrumb parents is returning None. I don't know why this would be, it seems ok at eg http://plone.org/documentation/apis/developer/PloneDeveloperURLQuickReference .