I'm new to Zope/ZWiki, but am trying to push it as a discussion forum at work. It took me a few hours from downloading Zope & ZWiki to getting it up and running on my machine - cool. I think the installation instructions could be expanded for the benefit of people who are new to Zope (i.e. me).<p>

I am a C++/Python programmer in the UK interested in ExtremeProgramming? and trying to push my company in that direction.<p>

Question: Is there any way of letting users uploading pictures to ZWiki (other than using the HTML IMG tag)?<p>

<i>*not sure if this is what you want, but take a look at the Zope Tutorial that comes with your zope installation, it will show you how to create a through the web upload, which you can then include as part of your standard_wiki_header or footer... - tav</i>