This is a page for gathering my featuritus thoughts. :D

Please don't take this as a dig on zwiki, but a brainstorm previously refrained by wishful intentions to implement myself, document perfectly, or

No blank brackets

[] is not a wikilink. Neither is [ ]?.

In-page properties.

PropertyName?: Description.

Thus <dtml-var PageName.PropertyName> would yield Description

You could add Summary: , Keywords:, Relevance: properties to a page, and violia, an auto-property which could be used in dtml-foo and cataloging.

Case Agnostic Wikilinks

CamelCase is so wonderful it need not be case sensitive.

Plural Agnostic Wikilinks

You shouldn't have to bend over backwards to make something plural, or worse, make something singular.


Option to display previously visited pages. I don't care if they get stored in a cookie. See: KWiki


Visibley linked and camel cased consistent with wikidom.

Ajaxy page name lookup

Button Bar formatting helper


Auto-anchor Hash links

Create page from existing page

This is one of many ZwikiTemplates?

Markup escape

STX extension to make a section of a page render as is. Mimimal implementation to render as plain HTML.


Display links to pages which also exist on other sites

Alternate Names

Allow a page to include a list of alternate names which also represent the current page. Be it abbreviations, alternate spellings, acronyms, synonyms, plural or alternate spelling.

Export content features

Features to make it easier to take rendered content and move it to other mediums. Remove page links (keep others), expand page names, remove new page links, ...

Page History Page

/diff is handy but doesn't retain the "story" of a page as, say, a comment header on a source file. I'd prefer that a PageNameDIFFS? be a page option store change history summaries. I don't expect this to be an undo-able system.

Auto-Archive discussion

I'd prefer discussion to automatically be posted to a PageNameDiscussionCCYYMMDD format, with the proper redirection of input and output to the PageNameDiscussion moniker.

Keyword or Brute Search

Catalog enabled searches require whole word matching. I havne't figured out wildcards. I would like a "Brute Search" checkbox to do word analysis. Maybe TextSearchPage? ?

Page Lookup box

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... --Tom Purl, Mon, 19 Dec 2005 09:31:34 -0800 reply

> Breadcrumbs > > Option to display previously visited pages. I don't care if they get > stored in a cookie. See: KWiki

I've implemented Plone-style breadcrumbs in non-Plone ZWiki by editing the page templates. Is that what you're talking about? This is hard to implement since a page can have multiple parents.

> TopicTags? > >

Could you please expand on this a bit? Are you looking for a "tags" field in ZWiki? I've also thought about this quite a bit.

Breadcrumbs --DeanG, Mon, 19 Dec 2005 09:49:39 -0800 reply

Breadcrumbs was probably the right but wrong choice, as it's used for so many different navigation trails. Right now Zwiki's parents and subtopics are awesome at showing context.

I'm specifically thinking about "how did I get here" breadcrumbs, a collection of 2 to 8 page names which the user previously viewed before their current page. An easy way to "Back".

TopicTags? --DeanG, Mon, 19 Dec 2005 09:53:24 -0800 reply

I'm looking for a "tags" field in Zwiki. :-) Backlinks and Badges are the fundamental implementation of this, but something formal and building on the modern tagging meme.

Breadcrumbs --d2m, Mon, 19 Dec 2005 10:24:50 -0800 reply

a long time ago i did a 'pagetrail' implementation - screenshot: - source+docs:

Breadcrumbs --DeanG, Mon, 19 Dec 2005 11:36:08 -0800 reply


TopicTags? --TomPurl, Mon, 19 Dec 2005 11:36:20 -0800 reply

I had a lot that I wanted to say about this, so I created the ZWikiTaggingDiscussion page.