When you 'Add ZWiki' in the ZMI, you can choose from a list of WikiTemplates - ready-made prototype wikis to get you started. Currently there's just one choice, basic. (LatexWiki adds another: latexwiki.) You can also add your own wiki templates by installing wiki folders under /Control_Panel/Products/ZWiki .

People using Zwiki in Zwiki and Plone don't usually see this ZMI form, so they typically just add a wiki page to a folder and build from there. That's fine, except that they will be missing the basic help pages and useful dtml methods which enable FuzzyUrls. You can add these to an existing zope or plone wiki by visiting SOMEPAGE/setupPages and SOMEPAGE/setupDtmlMethods.

2006: the default content did not receive much attention for a number of years, and is now being cleaned up.

See also TranslatedPages, WikiTemplates.

HowToMakeNewTemplates? (wiki templates, skins) based on html skins like the ones at openwebdesign.org . For now, see http://nautica.demo.zwiki.org/HowToSkins .


The "basic" wiki template consists of:

FrontPage (BasicFrontPage)
simple welcome page suitable for new admins and new users
HelpPage (BasicHelpPage)
the first-line quick start documentation for users
ZWiki (BasicZWikiPage)
the about and credits page for the software, and link to the mother site (and Zope's). Also, some guidance and resources for the zwiki admin.
WikiWikiWeb (BasicWikiWikiWebPage)
credit and connection to the center of wikidom.
redirects the folder url to FrontPage (or any other)
redirects not found urls to the nearest matching page, or offers to create or search (FuzzyUrls).


The "nautica" wiki template is based on the Nautica05 skin from http://openwebdesign.org . See a demo at http://nautica.demo.zwiki.org . Maintained by betabug.

"nautica" ingredients:

wikipage (ZPT)
holds most of the layout
subtopics_nautica (DTML Method)
some HTML for the "subtopics"
NaviMenu (ZPT)
holds some HTML for the main navigation menu, which doesn't have the admin interface it needs right now
FrontPage (Wiki Page)
sample content
AnotherPage (Wiki Page)
sample content
CustomizeAdministrate (Wiki Page)
sample content
HowToGetThis (Wiki Page)
sample content
HowToSkins (Wiki Page)
sample content
WhoWeAre (Wiki Page)
sample content
WhyWiki (Wiki Page)
sample content
Setup of Properties:
We need two properties set up on the Wiki: String property "subtopics_style" with value "nautica", and Boolean property "show_subtopics" with value False.
When setting a site like nautica up as a simple CMS, then one would likely lock down the permissions, so only the site's owners can edit pages. Currently the demo site is open.