ZwikiInANutshell is more up-to-date

Here are some immediate differences in wiki-usage!

Because ZWiki is built on ZoPe, you get access to all the power of that platform. Eg:

Other features of interest:

etc etc... ZwikiFeatures?

See also: ZWiki, IsThisWiki?

Can someone explain "database integration" ? Is this anything beyond ZODB integration? Potential confusion between able to integrate a database into the wiki (Zope method calls on a page) or placing the Wiki content in a database? The idea of the Wiki pages as external files, or alternate database sources is intruiging to the ZODB paranoid.. - DeanGoodmanson

Wondering if this really partakes of the Zen of WikiNess?.

The biggest difference from WikiWikiWeb to me is allowing input in HTML or DTML. I mean, I know HTML pretty well, but WikiWikiWeb deliberately avoids using it, to make everything more transparent. Not only for the new user, but even power users who would rather concentrate on the content instead of the coding.

I was hoping that ZoPe could add a lot. But now I think we need to work on making it simpler, more like WikiWikiWeb. So I am turning my attention now to TimVoght's PyWiki?. I like it very much. Tim, I'll get back to you when I do more, and I'll get back to ZWiki and Zope soon too. But thanks for the good try here with ZWiki! --EricEldred

Eric, thanks for the good comments from the wiki camp - I fully agree with your point about simplicity/transparency being essential to WhyWikiWorks?. ZWiki is very young, but a specific goal is for it to be flexible enough to provide a look-and-feel indistinguishable from the original. The fact that zope is running behind the scenes need not be a distraction.

I also want to allow other markup languages (like AtisWiki does), and explore the power that comes with DTML etc. If maintaining a ZoPe installation is not too much overhead for the wikiweb admin, having it underneath immediately adds some huge value IMHO. --SimonMichael

I don't mind the ability to enter HTML/DTML, but why not add StructuredText as well? (perhaps with a radio button at the top to let the editor provide a "hint"?) --TresSeaver

The ZClass?-based version I sent SimonMichael does this already. I am working on implementing the WikiWikiMarkupRules? of ClassicWiki? for it, too.