ZWiki may really be taking hold here at Digital Creations.

We really need to move these suggestions to SuggestionsAndComments

We're trying it out in the process of generating designs for a consulting project, and even early on we're finding real benefits for group coordination.

That said, there are a lot of ways we have to exercise discipline and process to keep things in control - we also see ways we can easily get to the boundary where the Wiki model breaks down. We're going to use this page to note both the positives and the negatives, including things we might like to eventually change.

(We're in the midst of a crunch - or two - so aren't able to make changes at the time of writing. This may help as a placeholder...)

Here are some glaring benefits:

Some big things we'd love to see:


This is great, and reminds me of the early days of Lotus Notes. Their way of partitioning the space is to use a field called Categories which is a list. Each page can appear in more than one, and anyone can add a category to the list. Excuse the ref to legacy, but it was and is an object store of sorts also.
Sandra Greer