just type the name

2001/12/08 12:42 US/Pacific (via web):
I'd put some kind of markup around it myself. I don't want to have to type ' mypic.jpg ' every time I want to include a reference to a picture file in the text. Not sure what kind of markup to use for this though that would be simple.

Otherwise, I'd have to escape the picture reference, and unfortunately, I don't think that ~ is powerful enough for that (see StructuredTextThatIsSimpleAndWorks for my ideas on ~).

Samuel A. Falvo II

2001/12/08 12:55 US/Pacific (via web):
do you mean that the source would have singlequote picturename singlequote ?

2001/12/08 12:57 US/Pacific (via web):

2001/12/08 13:05 US/Pacific (via web):
what i meant was just typing the image name all by itself. since the pre-render engine would know about all of the image names in the site it could change the link to an img tag automatically. - jason

2001/12/08 13:08 US/Pacific (via web):
OK, so if it's on a line by itself. Yeah, that makes sense. :)

2001/12/08 13:10 US/Pacific (via web):
actually, it would simply need to have spaces before and after it (or newlines,periods and such). then images could be put in the middle of a sentence. - jason

2001/12/08 13:15 US/Pacific (via web):
Hmm...I can't say that I would prefer this modus operandi. Just a stylistic issue for me, I think. I would make this a preferences option that the Wiki administrator would set on an installation-by-installation basis.

Samuel A. Falvo II


What about like mediawiki? -- Tue, 11 May 2004 16:42:22 -0700 reply
[[image:filename.jpg|center|400px|thumbnail|caption text goes here]]? -- wouldn't that just make things so much better?