emacs-wiki integration

I've started seriously using a local zwiki for notes & bookmarks. Easy linking, executable content and easy publishing are making it worthwhile, over plain text files.

Comments ? --SM

Yes, after a few years of using IDE editors from Microsoft and elsewhere I'm beginning to get back into using emacs. I'm amazed that only after a few weeks I'm finding myself doing things like typing CTRL-a to get to the beginning of a line only to have the software that I'm using either do something weird or do nothing at all. Then I silently wish I was able to use emacs in that context. It happens almost every day now...

I've been hacking around with WikiWikiWeb:WikiModeCode and ffap to get better emacs-zwiki integration. The former uses font-lock to mark & recognize links, but ffap turns out to be quite powerful and I am currently using it to do that job. zwiki-mode also knows about the safetybelt timestamp which is embedded in a zwiki page when accessed via ftp; it hides and keeps it current. Wikinames and urls are highlighted and a triple-click follows the link. This is pretty nice! NB the triple-click works in a lot of places.

Also, wiki-browse-thing allows http browsing, if you hack the url appropriately. In this case I'd like save-buffer to call w3-submit-form or similar. This would be very useful for editing wikis which aren't ftp-accessible (zope.org, wikiwikiweb). Perhaps a general combined wiki-mode makes sense.. --SM

http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/misc/zwiki-mode.el (This link appears to be broken. I get a ZoPe error accessing this.)


The link appears to be broken again

I've successfully edited a WikiWikiWeb page with this thing, and am using it frequently on this site. It's a veritable SecretWeapon.


I am using my own wiki-remote.el code, now. It seems to work for both Usemod and Zwiki engines, and it has a framework for adding more wiki engines easily (?). -- MeatBall:AlexSchroeder.


Everybody seems to write their own wiki modes. Why should I be different? http://www.zope.org/Members/alburt/zwiki_mode

-- AlastairBurt

This sounds good. NB I didn't write the older zwiki-mode, I just hacked it. --SM

Simon, 2002/08/04 00:09 GMT (via web):
Re broken link - yes. But you don't want that old thing - try EmacsWiki:EmacsWikiMode, EmacsWiki:WikiRemote instead.

AndrewBurrow, 2003/02/04 23:51 GMT
I have spent and hour or three puzzling over how to get emacs and ZWikiOrg to play together. For a newcomer which emacs mode to use is not the issue --- the combination of text-mode and auto-fill-mode is already light years ahead of the editor inside the web browser. The big issue is how to access the ZWiki. The ExternalEditor system is not working. While I can get the file, it only very intermittently saves back to ZWiki.

How do others access this ZWiki and others like it?



gnuclient and zopeedit --Dmitry Astapov, Fri, 10 Sep 2004 05:27:02 -0700 reply
I noticed that EE/zopeedit 0.8 seem to dislike gnuclient as editor. On the first save I always get "423 locked", have to quit without saving, reload the same page, after that everything works fine. In face, I could open a page, quite immediately, open it again, and everything will be fine. TCP/IP trace shows "lock-put-unlock" sequence that is seemingly the same for the first and second save attempts, save for different contents of Lock-Tocken. Seems to me a quirk in the EE Product...

gnuclient and zopeedit --Simon Michael, Fri, 10 Sep 2004 09:02:38 -0700 reply
It doesn't happen here, so I'd guess there's some configuration you can tweak..

The link is broken again -- Tue, 04 Oct 2005 02:11:13 -0700 reply
http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/misc/zwiki-mode.el -- D.Mych