ZopeWiki:ExternalEditor is a clever zope product plus client-side helper script that makes it possible to edit zope objects with your local editing tools. See that page for more details.

Zwiki uses this if installed, displaying the EE pencil icon next to the edit link. This allows you to edit wiki pages using emacs, notepad, composer, dreamweaver, or whatever you choose. It's very useful for large editing jobs.

After editing a page, you'll need to refresh the pages to see the rendered effect. This is confusing to many first time users. To alleviate this I've changed the external edit link to open the page with a query parameter flag which then, upon rendering, generates the page with a banner stating that the page is being edited and a link "back" to the page for refresh purposes. This flag also adds a browser-side redirect which refers to the page url with the standard '/externalEdit_/ExternalEdit?borrow_lock=1' addition.

If a Zwiki page rendering referred and showed "lock" status this is another way the user(s) could be aware of editing status, along with refresh capability.

better html editors --simon, Sun, 12 Jun 2005 09:18:01 -0700 reply

For editing pages with 'html' type, these .zope-external-edit entries work for me on ubuntu:

mozilla composer:

editor = mozilla -edit


editor = /usr/lib/nvu-1.0PR/run-mozilla.sh /usr/lib/nvu-1.0PR/nvu-bin

You have to remove the "Wiki-Safetybelt: ... Log:" preamble each time you open a page.