On 29th January 2001, when I was skimming through RecentChanges?, I discovered that the TWiki page apparently had been edited by me when in fact I hadn't contributed to the page at all. Curious to see "my" contribution I found that someone had submitted a binary file (MS-DOS executable) in the text-area form, a rather large one at that (I assume you can still see the file by using the PageHistory? feature). :-(<p>

Using PageHistory? I restored the TWiki page to what I believe was its original contents. However, it was a rather unpleasant experience to find that someone had made a contribution in my name...<p>

What to do? ZWiki, in the open spirit of WikiWikiWeb, uses no authorization schemes. Fine. That's the way it should be. Unfortunately this also lets everyone contribute in someone else's name, and most likely in a malicious way - why else would you want to use a name other than your own? KlausSeistrup today, SimonMichael tomorrow, ... who's next? --kas

Thanks for noting this Klaus. Certainly, we should be aware this can happen and announce it when discovered, to start with. --SM

UseModWiki puts the domain/IP address of the user in the TITLE attribute of the UserName? <a/> tag. e.g. &lt;A HREF="http://joyful.com/zwiki/SunirShah" TITLE="sunir.org"&gt;SunirShah&lt;/A&gt;.