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Florian, I saw your MeatBall homepage but answer here because I expect you to check here more often. Yes, I have experience, not with 2, but with managing about 60 wikis simulteanously. Copying isn't the problem but could be supported easily (at least between wikis at one server). I would like to invite you to the German wiki world, e. g. DseWiki? and B├╝cherWiki. You will find links at my MeatBall homepage.

Hello FloK .... I think I'm working on a similar path as one you've been on in the past weeks.

Your comments have been very helpful and are appreciated.

Have you done any work to bridge 2+ ZWikis? ? I'm primarily interested in search options.

In a project sense: Right now I can see a Wiki working great for a small team, with only a few overlapping areas between multiple teams...looks like I need to spend some time at MeatBall. Multiple projects or whole departments (10+ people) on a single wiki seems like a lot of noise on the learning Curve. My perspective comes from the usefulness of FrontPage modificatoins, RecentChanges? and Tracker, which lend themselves great to a single focus. Search, link-uniqueness, and others, are the ones that need to bridge the gap.

That reminds me of a ZwikiAndBlogFace question: Can you have multiple blogs on 1 Zwiki site? ( MultipleZWikiBlogs? )

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/09/18 09:48 GMT (via web):
Hello! - It's nice to hear that you're also interested in these ideas and i am very glad that my comments have been helpful!!

I am still thinking about your question.... I'll write again later, when i have more time. - BTW, who are you?? - cu, FloK

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/09/18 14:23 GMT (via web):
Sorry! Forgot to check with heading

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/09/18 17:43 GMT (via web):
Hi Dean, nice to meet you, virtually speaking. I don't have time now to write more, but i guess tomorrow i will, as i am still VERY interested in BlogFace. -FloK

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/09/19 .. forgot that discussion check! Hey FloK! Blogface is a secondary concern of mine. I'm currently trying to get 0.10.0 happy, and discover how to loosely link many Wikis, which is why I write: Release notes: support for simple sub wikis/WikiAcquisition - wikilink targets can be acquired from the parent folder (or above) and are displayed with ../ prepended

This just may do what I want...now to see how the multiple catalog play together and the implications on ZWikiTracker?.

Also, there are new ZWikiAndBlogFace? docs : Zope.org article: how to blog a wiki http://www.zope.org/Members/karl/BlogFace/BlogFace/wikiblog.txt

2002/09/19 20:59 GMT (via web):
hey florian, see what you mean, thought it was your wiki, my oops. Ypsi Eyeball is the "owner" of one Kirk Kitchen, a guy that made me my own wiki for work. I am the most prolific on the thing though.

MarkDilley - checking out the add a comment feature!

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/09/20 05:46 GMT (via web):
Yo Mark! - That's a precious feature! - I like it, it should be possible to set the with heading option in the preferences, which was already suggested here on ZWiki. Another idea i had yesterday would be a special modification of my wiki (which is still offline :( cannot figure out why!) would be to have several checkboxes/radio buttons, for each important section of the wiki one (I use a regular scheme for PageStructuring?, up to six sections (on most pages four), beginning from the top they are: PageAbstract?, PageBodyText?, RelatedTopics?, SubTopics?, SisterSites, Links; - Up to now with one AddCommentForm? i put the link section to the bottom to be able to add links (together with abstract from the homepage and a personal comment and date) comfortably, because i use my personal wiki, which is public at the same time also as a topic directory and bookmark manager.

I wanted to found an own public wiki, to be able to publish my writings, links, and last but not least all the intelligence which is in the structure of the links.
I tried to manage a personal and a public wiki at the same time, but i couldn't do it effectively (Hi all! I would really appreciate any experiences this concerning) - As long as there is no intelligent InterWikiProtocol?, it remains too stressful to do so, IMO. So I had to make the last pieces of my private space public, ufff ;-) - I hope at least it will be online soon! - Ok, I should care for this prob right NOW! - cu, FloK, 0920

Dean - Where can i read more about your Release notes: support for simple sub wikis/WikiAcquisition writings, i tried to use simple subfolder linking, but no success yet. I read AcquisitionAndNamespaces?, FolderishZwiki, WikiAcquisition; but had no time to practice yet. I just wanted to drop you this note...i have to leave right now, i'll write more tomorrow. cu,FloK, 0920

2002/09/24 20:18 GMT (via web):
Thanks for the note.

I added a comment over at WikiAcquisition . Superfolders: Use Wikicquisition ; SubFolders?, Use RemoteWikiLinks . I prefer RemoteWikiLinks much more than sub-folder links ( [subfolder/WikiPage]? ) do the the ease of use in refactoring RemoteWikiLinks , which will be necesary as the "namespace" grows. I think the issue of a root/super wiki containing a pagename that I want to use in my sub-wiki is simply an organizational one. It is debatable, though...endlessly. Cow may be fundamental, but a Dairy Cow would then be overridable by Dairy:Cow (not easily created, see the coding workaround comments on WikiAcquisition), but I think the best choice would be to rename the root page. I'm not sure how appropriate the OO inheritance metaphors apply to documentation...then again, Wiki's are many times used to document OO projects! ...another 2 cents smashed by a train of associations... - DeanGoodmanson ...cow 1 is not cow 2 is not cow 3...

AcquisitionProblems created and growing. Problems haven't outweighed benefits for me, yet. - DeanGoodmanson