A wiki with a rendering option to check all words for links without a special link pattern, ie. CamelCase or SquaredBrackets?. This might be useful for a highly detailled ZoPe, ZWiki resp PyThon? documentation wiki (or other computing issues of course).

Started by PageMaintainers: FlorianKonnertz on 03-03-05.

Further notes will go here these days. Suggestions and ideas welcome.

ZwikiRegularExpressions? - Page for explanations of RegularExpressions?

FlorianKonnertz, 2003/03/04 15:07 GMT

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FullLinkedWiki --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/03/07 09:50 GMT
For these sort of direct code documentation a FullLinkedWiki would be very useful. Either as a separated SubWiki or as an own rendering type. Please give me some feedback on this! - BTW, the term FullLinkedWiki is probably not the best for this, english native speakers please make some suggestions! - See also my notes on the FLW page. - Thanks!

more feedback --SimonMichael, 2003/03/07 14:56 GMT
Your naming sounds fine, I can't think of anything better at present. I've nothing to add to what I said before. Did you learn anything useful from the EveryThing2 code ?

more feedback --SimonMichael, 2003/03/07 15:00 GMT
PS - what does your patch do at this point ?

Answer on feedback --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/03/07 15:57 GMT
Thanks for your feedback, Simon. I haven't checked the E2 code yet, do you think it is worth a look (maybe we can figure out the important things by ourself?) - I added further info about the patch on NooWiki:FullLinkedWiki.

Some questions: When all words are possible link candidates the number of question marks grows quickly of course. How can this be handled? Possible solutions please see NooWiki:FullLinkedWiki, i'd vote for an add. cookie zwiki_showcreatepagesymbols. I tried so, and added the following code:

  show_cpl = REQUEST.cookies.get('zwiki_showcreatepagesymbols',None)
  if show_cpl:
     # existing code for adding "?" links goes here
     return link

I added a cookie in UserOptions?, tested on existance with < dtml-var REQUEST> but i still get a name error... :-( Any ideas?

Would you like to have the possibilities to switch the "?"-links off? Maybe with one-click-link on the page or vie UserOptions? - IMO it's useful if you just want to surf and read a wiki and copy&paste certain pieces of text. - Of course this question is superflouent if we would add another way for showing this link (by color and/or css) (see WikiLinkingIssues). - (What about switching off ALL links, even on existing WikiLink types? For larger DocumentMode? pages with too many links on it. Of course by an one-click-link!)


update for 0.26+ planned --FlorianKonnertz, Fri, 19 Dec 2003 00:55:09 -0800 reply
Ok, i plan to make a new pagetype subclass the next days...

A little more feedback --Samotnik, Tue, 23 Dec 2003 15:12:41 -0800 reply
For such works as glossary the option to look for links to all words would be very usful. However, we can easily see that too many links disturb the work, not facilitate (see for example Everything 2 or the old interactive edition of Roget Thesaurus based on Project Gutenberg source text). Based on such observation I opt for conservative approach: let the page editor decides which words should be linked.

So, maybe it would be reasonable to write a machine like that: