Fabien reported a problem with his Plone-integrated zwiki after upgrading, on the zope mail list, and we worked on it in #zwiki over a couple of days. Progress was made but as far as I know he's still in trouble (I am off irc for the moment - perhaps he'll reply to this if things changed.) The details are hazy now but there was a problem with the compatibility matrix and with (re)installing zwiki into his Plone 3 site. Vejeta reports no problems doing this with Zwiki 2, but.. what's needed is some thorough testing with latest plone versions, and appropriate updates to code and docs. I can't spend more free time on it, but I've created a pledgie funding goal:

If you care about Zwiki and Plone, please take a look, or forward to others who might be interested. If people need it, they'll fund it and I'll gladly make it happen.