This page discusses Zwiki's GardeningPolicy.

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/12/24 17:00 GMT (via web):
Should there be a policy statement on capatilization of acronyms? CVSRepository or ZwikiCvs?, for example, I prefer the former, but that seems to be a site specific detail. (An API style guide said that acronyms in function names should be as the latter.. shrug)

FlorianKonnertz, 2003/01/20 05:43 GMT (via web):
What about renaming this page to ZwikiGardening?? Then it could be used better as a link in ZwikiBestPractices? and it sounds more neutral.

FlorianKonnertz, 2003/01/20 05:52 GMT (via web):
Should this page rather be an advice/ policy for new users or a guideline for regular gardening tasks? Make two sections or two pages?

PieterB, 2003/01/20 23:26 GMT (via web):
+1 Renaming.

Can we somehow agree on:

FlorianKonnertz, 2003/01/29 22:23 GMT (via web):

Imo it's a good suggestion to wait and the do it if nobody is against it, what about waiting two weeks, it might happen that one has not time to check the site for more than a week? - Tests from users: I added about 30 PleaseAddContentOr?-Delete links to test pages. Note:check the PACOD backlinks again at the end of february. -> ZwikiContributors could log their gardening actions (here?) - Acronyms: Vote +1 for ZwikiACR?

PieterB, 2003/01/30 17:11 GMT (via web):
Florian: +1. I think waiting a month is fine as well. Might be to good not to check the heading and mailout box, and to use some kind of convention "PleaseAddContentOrDelete (PieterB, January 30) to make it easy to see if a page is overdue.

Another idea: make a user-option to display "PACOD" as a button in full-mode to be sure that all PACOD-entries are looking the same (and the pages might even deleted automatically after a number of days ? ;) if the PACOD-entry is the last entry.

FlorianKonnertz, 2003/01/31 11:37 GMT (via web):

Pieter: Why not check the heading and mailout box? Please explain further? - BTW, The last edit time can also be seen in the HistoryLink?.

PieterB, 2003/02/07 16:43 GMT
DeanG made a complaint about the mailing of PleaseAddContentOrDelete. Anyhow, DeanG can also filter those messages with a simple ProcMail?-rule. I think we should adhere to Simon's request to keep it simple.

DeanGoodmanson, 2003/02/07 16:52 GMT
KISS agreed. Sorry to muddy things. My complaint was intended more as a remark than whine, sorry if it came across that way. a filter will work when the comments get annoying, but in the case of pages deserving PACD, the author is rarely subscribed. An edit (to add the badge and log) and summary of offending pages in a GeneralDiscussion post seems to serve the purpose also.

Thanks for the feedback and your work in ValidHTML, btw.

Ok, let's try to use the subject with PleaseAddContentOrDelete's.

PieterB, unknown time/date
Don't have a lot of time for Zwiki'ing in the coming weeks. I'll try to get permission for some time to install Zope2.6.1/CMF/Plone/Zwiki for our corporate intranet, but it might take some time before I can work on things like that.


rollback --DeanGoodmanson, Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:59:07 -0700 reply
Does an exposed rollback function to zap graffiti w/out having the change listed on RecentChanges? sound useful to anyone else?

Implementing requires some inspection of the history to ensure you're not rolling back a new. I see it as a button on the /diff screen, first page only, and if there's history.