BillSeitz, 2002/01/02 12:16 US/Pacific (via web):
Have you considered splitting the pieces of a WikiName in rendering the page, at least in the title tag? This seems like a good idea for wikis that get indexed by search engines.

BillSeitz, 2002/01/02 12:18 US/Pacific (via web):
Have you thought about splitting up the rendering methods to allow for rendering just the body without header and footer? This would be good for combining multiple wiki pages into a single HTML output page. Which would be good for (a) weblogs and (b) a tableOfContents-explosion, where you take a page which is basically an outline of WikiName and pull all those child pages together into a single page.

JosYule, 2002/01/02 13:30 US/Pacific (via web):
This (rendering with out header or footer) would also be a good idea for a printer friendly version of a wiki page. I'd thought about this before, but never got a chance to work on it... JY

BobWithrow?, 2002/01/03 07:35 US/Pacific (via web):
I have been playing with ZWiki for a while now and I have had some successes. But I still have a lot of questions and suggestions.

I'd be glad to collaborate on these things, but beware that you could write a book about what I don't know about ZoPe and ZWiki.

P.S. Why do we use WikiWikiWeb:UgLy ZoPe here when it could be free linked as Zope?

BobWithrow?, 2002/01/03 12:18 US/Pacific (via web):
Is running Apache? If so, would it be possible to put the Apache config somwhere readable. I'm having fits getting to go directly to the wiki and bypassing the /Zope/wiki part.

*Update: I just noticed that has one of the problems I have. The html title for this page is just /GeneralDiscussion where I think it should be something like ZWiki/GeneralDiscussion.*

FranOReilly, 2002/01/03 15:42 US/Pacific (via web):
Hi - I have an interesting hack to the file uploads functionality I've found really useful. Basically instead of uploading your files to a flat folder structure as at present, you can choose to upload to a more structured folder structure, where each file is uploaded local to whatever wiki page you uploaded to.

With such a feature I've been able to really leverage the upload functionality to make zwiki into a file library.

Anyway have a look at AssociateUploadsWithWikiPages for a fuller explanation and code mods.

1Jerry, 2002/01/03 16:20 US/Pacific (via web):
Bob - To answer your HTML title question -- add a title to your folder. If you are using my multi-folder wiki (see SubWikiExampleOne), then each folder can have its own title, with the page name appended.

Marvin Greenberg, 2002/01/04 06:59 US/Pacific (via web):
A little bug in the file upload code -- I uploaded a file called ScopeGuard?.h and it generated html like <p><a>href="uploads/ScopeGuard.h"> <a>href="http://localhost:8080/DCTD/ScopeGuard">ScopeGuard</a>.h </a></p>. The code needs to quote the inserted file reference like <a>href="uploads/ScopeGuard.h">ScopeGuard.h</a>

BobWithrow?, 2002/01/04 07:24 US/Pacific (via web):
Yet another newbie FAQ, I'm sure. In my hackings I seem to be easily able to croak my Zope by crashing Python. For example:

  Jan 4 08:37:36 ns1 /kernel: pid 45706 (python2.1), uid 65534: 
  exited on signal 11

I've looked around but I don't see any droppings that would help me track down the problem. How does one debug this kind of thing?

BobWithrow?, 2002/01/04 07:33 US/Pacific (via web):
I'm experiencing some StructuredText rendering problems with 0.9.8. If I instantiate a new Wiki and go to the StructuredTextRules? page and examine the rules starting with "Text surrounded by * ...", most of them do not render like they do at The renderer seems to get confused. Is it me?

2002/01/07 15:18 US/Pacific (via web):
I think that StructuredText is broken by Zope 2.4.3. I upgraded to 2.5 beta, and some of the problems were fixed but some were still there. Somewhere, I saw a note indicating that some of the Powers That Be were aware of this.

2002/01/08 20:42 US/Pacific (via web):
I've just installed ZWiki on Zope 2.3.2. The ZWikiWeb? product had a problem when I tried to add an instance through the ZMI - in listZodbWikis the list.remove(Help) line failed because Help isn't in the list. Other than that, it's working well!

BillSeitz, 2002/01/11 07:58 US/Pacific (via web):
Stupid Zope question I wrote a method to explode a page's id to render separated words in the title tag. The method works fine. If I tweak the DTML in standardWikiHeader to use:

    (dtml removed because of error problem)

it renders fine. But if I use:

    (dtml removed because of error problem)

I get error message Error Type: TypeError?, Error Value: expected string or buffer. The Source says:

    File C:\Zope\ZWIKIM~1\lib\python\DocumentTemplate\, line 231, in eval
    (Object: title_exploded(id))
    (Info: id)
    File &lt;string&gt;, line 2, in f
    File C:\Zope\ZWIKIM~1\lib\python\Products\ZWiki\, line 439, in title_exploded
    (Object: FrontPage)
    File C:\Zope\zwikiMigrateTest/bin/lib\, line 63, in sub

BillSeitz, 2002/01/11 13:23 US/Pacific (via web):
To hack around the problem, I changed the signature of the method to title_exploded(self) so that the DTML could just call title_exploded(). Inside the method I operate on str(, but what ends up getting rendered to the HTML page is Python Method object at ..... Now what?

BillSeitz, 2002/01/15 09:43 US/Pacific (via web):
Did some research, found the answer (to fixing the latest approach). Had to use str(self.getID())

BillSeitz, 2002/01/15 12:50 US/Pacific (via web):
Next silly question: want to add something to HTML head for just the editform (specifically, since my wiki is publicly available, I've taken the ROBOT NOINDEX tag out of the standard header, but want to insert that into the editform since it's silly to google that). Since the endswith method is only in Python string objects, that would require yet another silly little method. Is there a simple DTML-only way to test the URL value?

SimonMichael, 2002/01/20 23:59 US/Pacific (via web):
Hey all.. hope you had a great holiday season.

I'm easing into the flow after two wonderful weeks offline.. way offline. And two more of zwiki abstinence. Finding billable work is a priority. Gearing up my editing tools, catching up with posts (thanks).

I see a lot that needs doing around here that, unless funded, I won't be able to attend to in the foreseeable future. So I'm just going to try and focus on the things that seem most critical and the things that seem most fun.

If I seem to ignore important stuff, correspondence, etc, I hope you'll understand - I'm just short of free time. Raise a discussion about it, perhaps it's something you can help with, maybe I can do something to help you. I'm interested in making everything easier to work on.

Unix users: did you know that w3m, suitably-configured along with xterm/kde/etc, has become a really useful browser ?

Emacs users: I'm happy to report that Alex Schroeder's current EmacsWiki:WikiMode and EmacsWiki:WikiRemote rock. Correction: recent work was done by John Wiegley. The latter supports editing usemod, cliki and zwiki pages and I am now officially retiring ZWikiMode?. The former has a set of markup rules which I really like, best thing since structured text. Someone should add support for these to zwiki.

Also, EmacsWiki is taking off and UseModWiki, if I haven't said it lately, you're a very nice wiki, indeed you are.

2002! Who'd have thought. --SimonMichael

SimonMichael, 2002/01/21 00:09 US/Pacific (via web):
It seems possible if not likely that posting via mail-in is broken. Verio did some system re-org shenanigans in the last month. I can't reach the forwarding shell account. Oh oh I sense possible pain.

SimonMichael, 2002/01/27 10:28 US/Pacific (via web):
Working on trimming some fat from the site. I think most people come here for zwiki product info, and that focus should be sharpened. Post your thoughts, or help if you can..

SimonMichael, 2002/01/27 13:00 US/Pacific (via web):
Systems re-org in progress: when the new propagates to your dns server (eg tomorrow) mail-in should work again using I should be able to fix as soon as I can get a hold of tav. taaav...