Re: ZWiki Issue Tracker --Simon Michael, Mon, 01 May 2006 10:03:40 -0700 reply

Willi Langenberger wrote:

> Hi Simon!
> First of all: thanks for ZWiki, its great!
> One thing i wanted to ask about the IssueTracker. As the new release
> date comes, i had a look at the IssueTracke to see if there is
> something new about my submitted search issue (using ZCTextIndex
> instead of the obsolete TextIndex).
> However, i had a hard time to find it. Unfortunatly i didnt write down
> the Issue Number after i submitted it. And after half an hour of
> searching, i found #1249:
>   - the title has changed to "julita"
>   - the category changed to "user-dtmlscripting"
>   - the severity changed to "critical"
> I have no idea where the title comes from and why the search catalog
> should have something to do with user-dtmlscripting. And i certanly
> wouldnt give this issue a severity of critical.
> Are there some funny people out in the wild, who change IssueTracker
> issues or is there something going on i do not understand? There is no
> comment, and the page states "last edited 2 weeks ago by wlang".

Hi Willi - thanks for the feedback! and for describing this issue in detail. I noticed the same thing elsewhere a day or two ago. This exact kind of corruption has been happening occasionally for quite some time - it's possibly some kind of bot (I could check the logs..). It's annoying, as it makes issues hard to find and it seems not so easy to undo (except by looking at the page's last comment and manually changing it back), and the rename can sometimes trigger a lot of other page changes.

Perhaps it will be easier to notice these quickly now that the .edits newsgroup is working again. I'm feeling the need for a review of current junk/spam incidents, to be clear on how each one happens and how to deal with them most efficiently. Taking this one as a starting point.. I wonder how to find all of the issue pages currently messed up this way..

dtml in rst question --Simon Michael, Mon, 01 May 2006 10:07:01 -0700 reply

Thanks! That seems to work fine. I got it committed and used it in a client site.

issue spam investigated --Simon Michael, Mon, 01 May 2006 22:00:23 -0700 reply

> I'm feeling the need for a review of current > junk/spam incidents, to be clear on how each one happens and how to deal > with them most efficiently. Taking this one as a starting point.. I > wonder how to find all of the issue pages currently messed up this way..

Answer: eyeball the issue pages in wiki contents. Or, scan the POSTS in apache access log.

Multiple people now seem to be running some kind of generic bot which tries to POST to every possible url, passing a name=pseudo_girls_name argument and who knows what else. The changeIssueProperties method doesn't do robust access control and accepts any old arguments, so it's vulnerable to this, and our issue pages have been getting trashed for some time, recently at quite an increased rate.

I have made it check the relevant permissions and edits_need_username property, which should stop this particular kind of spam.

For I've also added some apache rules to block hits appearing to be from this bot, as they are tying up the server in useless work (a low-grade DDOS). None of this is specifically aimed at us I think.

I also spent time figuring out how to block a spammer on HelpPage. Tip: to block on unresolvable hostnames in apache, use SetEnvIf.

Zwiki 0.53 released --Simon Michael, Mon, 01 May 2006 23:37:53 -0700 reply

Zwiki 0.53 is ready. Best, -Simon


RST+DTML support, alternate heading layout for plone, some useful bugfixes.

Upgrade notes




  • add an old-style compact parents list as an alternative in, off by default (#1250)
  • CSS cleanups


  • fix action icons layout in plone 2.0 (#1253)
  • make top-right links small again in standard skin


  • enable dtml interpretation in rst pagetype (Stefan Rank, Simon Michael)

Page hierarchy


  • fix unsubscribe, which was losing all subscribers' "all edits" setting (#1254)
  • fix an obscure case where cmf/plone subscriptions could be ignored
  • don't add NO_ADDRESS_FOR recipients, they break some MTAs? (#1255)

Issue tracking

  • make changeIssueProperties respect relevant permissions and edits_need_username, to protect from spambots (#1260)
  • be more robust about including full page name in issue creation mails (#1257)



  • easier make test-* rules
  • fix WWML test, which wasn't testing WWML at all
  • testsupport docs, use rst not stx in default fixture


quick reference update --Simon Michael, Tue, 02 May 2006 16:25:32 -0700 reply

I've updated QuickReference and added some new docs on the skin templates: see .

Loving RST, but haven't figured out how to make reference links containing WikiNames yet!

before I forget --simon, Wed, 03 May 2006 13:30:05 -0700 reply

Today and last night was all about spam repair, edit history, and more ViewGeddon. The diff form is more useful now but not yet great; it doesn't always get the right username (many transactions don't update last_editor). I made revert better and added revertEditsBy and (stand back) revertEditsEverywhereBy. The latter reverts all pages which have been last edited by a certain username. Once I got the kinks worked out, I could relatively easily revert the 200 pages spammed by "irenst". I see there's more to be found, but not too many.

an anti-spam restriction --simon, Thu, 04 May 2006 13:31:35 -0700 reply

I've added a max_identified_links property, similar to max_anonymous_links for cookie-identified users, and set it to 5 on If you see a way to provide similar value with fewer properties, let me know.

an anti-spam restriction --simon, Thu, 04 May 2006 13:32:43 -0700 reply

PS see also LinkSpam updates.

cobwebs! --Simon Michael, Fri, 05 May 2006 11:05:16 -0700 reply

On IRC, Michael H. reported some glitches with the outline which turned out to be due to the ZMI Add ZWiki Page form allowing him to add any old id and title; which prompted me to clean up these add forms. Long overdue! They were still identical to those of DTML Document, which was my starting point for the Zwiki experiment.

Even though many (plone users, experienced users) don't notice these forms, they are the first point of contact for many others and I'm glad to get them cleaned them up. It was a good place to alert people to the title-id linkage, for example.

A corner of the project I resisted touching for a long time. Because, you see, it meant having to think about.. DefaultWikiTemplates, which has been incredibly stale. Again many users don't see it, but for many others it's the first thing they see. Yesterday I studied it and made notes, and today I've cleaned up the DefaultWikiTemplates and WikiTemplates pages. I'll continue maintaining the master copy of the basic pages here on I think four of them is the right number, and I'd love to have translations so that users can start a wiki in their own language. Zwiki has good i18n and we should take advantage of it.

Link-o-the-day --DeanG, Wed, 10 May 2006 08:04:40 -0700 reply

Link-o-the-day --Simon Michael, Wed, 10 May 2006 08:50:26 -0700 reply

Thanks Dean - looks good.

Another one - don't miss the one I just blogged: . Should have been here too, but firefox BlogThis? doesn't do that.

I've been aiming to blog a little more, and more technically adventurously, lately, and I'm not content with the huge amount of work required to post in the right places with links and images and proper formatting. Thinking thoughts of hosting my own blog again..

Smileys --Simon Michael, Wed, 10 May 2006 12:14:28 -0700 reply

Bill Page wrote:

This is offtopic but I am just curious why the AddingSmiliesPatch apparently never made it into the mainstream ZWiki code. Moinmoin seems to have even more extensive support for "Smileys":

I think a user option that allows one to turn on and off such decorations might be nice. B)

Let me respond over here on GD.. I think because more non-standard syntax and featuritis seemed to outweigh the added value, enough to make this a low priority for me at the time. It does sound fun and I'd be very happy if someone turned it into a darcs patch and demo'ed it on their server to stimulate further consideration. Thanks for digging this up, I bet there's more fun patches like that one ?

looks good for dapper --Simon Michael, Fri, 12 May 2006 09:13:57 -0700 reply

Good news, it looks like 0.53 will be in the Ubuntu GNU/Linux dapper release.

I hope main debian will eventually follow. Here's the expanded blurb I'm suggesting for the package: > Powerful Zope 2-based wiki engine with many optional and useful features. > Zwiki is an easy-to-use, powerful, and fun wiki engine based on the Zope web application server. A wiki is a special kind of website that's easy for anyone to edit. Wikis emphasise simplicity, speed, and cooperation, and have quickly become an essential tool for individuals, businesses and collaborating communities. Zwiki optional features include: mail in/out, RSS, page hierarchy, Plone integration, issue tracking, dynamic scripting, a number of different text markups including reStructured Text and MoinMoin, WYSIWYG editing, fine-grained security, strong internationalization support, and more Feel free to use this to get Zwiki packaged well in your favourite OS distribution/packaging system.

safari, big displays! --Simon Michael, Fri, 12 May 2006 09:21:31 -0700 reply

Try this some time if you happen to live near an Apple store: find the machine with the biggest screen, open up safari full-screen, and browse some wikis. It's quite amazing how much more you can see. :)

The cinema display I used was something like 4 by 2 feet.,,, all looked pretty good for the most part! I fixed a couple of layout glitches.

I had no success at all getting the access keys to work in safari. Am I right in thinking that you access them with control + alt/option + key ? This seemed to follow the right link, but saved it as a download instead of viewing it. Could someone with a mac investigate this ?

**conversion of stx pages to html(wysiwyg) ** --nachtigall, Sun, 14 May 2006 14:38:23 -0700 reply


I could get epoz working with zwiki (thanks to the tip at Now I would like to convert my > 200 stx pages to html. I would need 2 methods to do this:

  • a message which takes the stx body and return the html code as it is rendered when I view the page
  • a method to store this html code as the new body text of the page

Can someone give me some pointer to the right methods?

conversion of stx pages to html(wysiwyg) --Simon Michael, Sun, 14 May 2006 15:09:33 -0700 reply

> * a message which takes the stx body and return the html code as it is rendered when I view the page > PAGE.render(bare=1) will give you the rendered html, but with wiki links and dtml rendered as well, which is too much. How about PAGE.pageType().format(PAGE.text()), which should just render the stx. > * a method to store this html code as the new body text of the page >

PAGE.edit(text=newtext) should do that.

The format method might or might not be accessible to restricted code. The easiest way to run these would be to use a ZEO or Zope debug prompt, test it on pages until you're sure it does what you want, then do it to each page.getObject() for page in PAGE.pages().

safari, big displays! --JózsefJároli, Mon, 15 May 2006 10:57:49 -0700 reply

Access keys on Safari: Hi Simon, I have checked out how Safari handles access keys, and found the following:

  • CTRL + Access Key = Opens the corresponding page in the same tab / window
  • CTRL + ALT (aka. half bathtub, formerly known as OPTION) = Downloads the page as you mentioned
  • CTRL + COMMAND (with the apple logo) = Opens the page in a new tab, or in a new window, if tabbed browsing is disabled in the preferences (As far as I can remember, tabs are disabled by default.)

(Tested with Safari 2.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.6 (Intel)) Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you need to check out something on a Mac.

József (jaroli -at-

safari, big displays! --Simon Michael, Mon, 15 May 2006 13:51:56 -0700 reply

Ah, thanks József. So it seems we should just tell Safari users to use ctrl-e, ctrl-r, ctrl-x...