Here's a procedure for archiving a discussion page:

  1. Create the page which you are archiving the discussion to. Format: 'Page'Discussion'YYYYMM' e.g.
  1. The contents should only be:

PageDiscussion? <-- link to main page at top

(body empty, for now)

To comment, visit PageDiscussion? <--bottom link to main page


  • If you have management rights, you may want to turn comment rights off for the archive page.
  • Creating without the archived comments will save the site-wide subscribers a large email.
  1. Cleanup the original page.
  • Add a link to the new archived page.
  • Copy and Remove ("cut") the source contents (not a copy from the rendered page) of the Discussion comments (not the header) to the archive page.
  • Add-in a link to the archive page.
  1. Add the commments to the archive page body through 'edit'ing the page, not a comment. This may avoid a huge mailout.
  2. Reparent the archive page to the original discussion page.