This page will show you how to customize the skin of a wiki that's inside a CMF or Plone site. See also:

To customize the skin of all wikis in your Plone site (CMF is similar):

  1. view your site in the ZMI. Eg go to preferences, plone setup, ZMI
  2. click on portal_skins. You should see the zwiki_plone and zwiki_standard folders. If not, you probably need to (re)install Zwiki in the site via Add/remove programs - Zwiki and Plone describes this.
  3. find the skin template you want to customize. Zwiki uses the templates in zwiki_plone plus some of the templates in zwiki_standard. For example, you might customize zwiki_plone/wikipage or zwiki_plone/recentchanges or zwiki_standard/RecentChanges. Click on the template.
  4. click the customize button. This will make an editable copy for you in portal_skins/custom.
  5. change the template as you wish. Most templates are PageTemplates, so you may need to learn a little bit of TAL. There are also some DTMLMethod(s). Click save. Now view the wiki page or form again.. it should look different.

To customize the skin of only one wiki, leaving others unchanged: (?)