This page will show you how to customize the skin of a standard zope wiki. See also:

The normal, manual procedure is:

  1. find the appropriate template in your INSTANCE_HOME/Products/ZWiki/skins/zwiki_standard/ on the filesystem (or here if your Zwiki version is reasonably current) and copy the contents
  2. using the ZMI, create a page template (for .pt templates) or dtml method (for .dtml templates), using the same id as the file, without the suffix. For the stylesheet, create a File [1].
  3. replace the template's content with the text from step 1
  4. make some changes, click save. Your wiki pages should now look different.

Here's a more convenient setup, recommended:

  1. installing and patch ZopeWiki:FileSystemSite , restart zope
  2. add a Filesystem Directory View pointing to ZWiki/skins/zwiki_standard, in your wiki folder or (if you have many wikis) in the folder containing your wiki folders
  3. click on zwiki_standard, click the template you want to customize, select your wiki's folder, click customize
  4. make changes, click save.

HowZwikiSkinsWork lists all the customizable skin templates.

[1] yes, you can use a dtml method for a dynamic stylesheet if you really want; browsers will reload it for each page view.