being a generale guide for Zwiki developers

The Zwiki developers are everyone actively helping to move the Zwiki project forward for the common good. Coders, writers, bug wranglers, testers, wiki maintainers, sponsors, etc.

The intent of this page is to be a comprehensive overview and map of the zwiki project and development activity, and to make it as easy as possible to jump in and help with something.

See also ZwikiDevelopment?, ZwikiInANutshell, FunctionalOverview, ZwikiQuality


The place to start. Educate yourself - learn the basics - use zwiki - browse this site - follow the zope mailing list -


Join in discussions on this site or the list - ask questions - answer questions - give feedback - report problems -

Wiki content

make edits and corrections to this wiki's content - review and reorganize - make maps - add content - write better documentation - maintain the faq - maintain the default pages and help pages, or create new ones - update the sample ZWikiWebs? - check the WikiBadges to see what has to be done -


Better default icon ? - What else ? (COLORS SPLATTERED across my screen :) -


report browser compatibility problems - post screenshots - contribute HTML fixes - alternate page layouts -


contribute fixes and speedups for DTML code - demo your DTML innovations here - maintain or contribute new sample wikis -


This encompass the internationalisation (i18n) and localization (l10n)

The first issue appears to translate some documentation. Here is a first one : AideZWiki?


report bugs - contribute patches - refactoring - analysis and integration of modifications & forks - optimization - design -


test zwiki on your configuration - report breakages, bugs, usability problems, documentation problems, etc - write user stories and test scenarios - write a unit test -


help with zwiki productization & polishing - help with zwiki packaging/distribution/documentation for various platforms - help streamline release process -


fund a zwiki developer - pledge an amount for completion of a feature - fund zwiki work internally and share it here -

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