Zwiki pages automatically take on a Plone-ish "appearance":ZwikiSkins? when inside a Plone site. But when first using Zwiki in a Plone site, you need to install it in the Plone site setup. You may also need to re-do this after a large Plone or Zwiki upgrade. Here's how:

  1. Check you have compatible versions of zope, plone, and zwiki. See .

    Existing wikis may run fine with various Plone versions, but (re)installing Zwiki into the site in Plone's add/remove products screen is more fragile. It may be that Zwiki 0.59 is the last version which will install cleanly into a Plone 2.x site. For Plone 3.x, you should use at least Zwiki 0.61.

  2. make sure the Zwiki product is installed in Zope (no zwiki-related errors at startup, or no broken zwiki icon in ZMI -> Control_Panel -> Products if you have one of those):

  3. while viewing your plone site as a manager, go to Site Setup -> Add/Remove Products, check Zwiki and click Install or Re-install.

You should now see no Zwiki-related warnings in the Add/Remove Products screen, and "Wiki Page" should appear in Plone's add menu.

Next steps

Next, you may want to check the other how-tos and information at Zwiki and Plone .