How to Limit the Available Page Types

The following steps will limit the page types that appear in the wiki page edit form to reStructuredText and plain text.

  1. From the ZMI, browse to the folder that contains your wiki pages.

  2. Click the properties tab.

  3. Add a new property using the fields at the bottom of the page:

    • Name: allowed_page_types
    • Type: lines
    • Value: rst

    Then click the Add button

  4. Add 'plaintext' as a new line in the edit box of the newly created property. Finally, click Save Changes.

_Remark:_ The first of the lines, in the example above "rst" (ReStructured? Text) is also the default page type which is used when creating a new page.

Question: How will such a change affect a user setup with Epoz? Does setting this property just affect what shows on the edit page, or does it actually disallow non-listed content types?

Answer: it should actually disallow them.

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