This assumes you have Zope and Zwiki installed and you have permission to access the ZMI and add a wiki .

  1. go to the ZMI in your web browser
  2. navigate to the folder where you want to add a wiki folder. Eg your root folder - simple urls are good.
  3. from the Add menu at top right, choose ZWiki. (Not Zwiki Page).
  4. you'll see the add zwiki form. Enter an id for the wiki folder. Simple and lower-case is good; a WikiName here may be confusing.
  5. the title will show up in a few places.. leave it blank for now.
  6. leave the basic wiki type selected. Other options may or may not be up to date.
  7. click create

You should now be looking at your new wiki's front page. Back in the ZMI, you'll see that a folder was created containing a couple of default pages.

Possible next steps..

QuickReference has pointers.