Here it is described a small hack I use to push ZWiki changes into a Subversion repository. It does not track edit messages, will collapse several edits in just one commit (depending on how often you run the push script), and will handle a page rename just like a delete+add.

I use it to download the ZWiki sources every few hours (via a cron job) and commit the changes to a SVN repository.


  1. Install in your Wiki this DTML method:*checkout*/gme/list_all_pages.dtml?root=svn

    Give it the list_all_pages id.

  2. Create a subversion repository to host your wiki pages (Note: they will all end up in the same directory!). Check a copy out, and add to it the script from the following URL:*checkout*/gme/

  3. Edit the script to suit your ZWiki URL.

Now, each time you run, all pages of the ZWiki will be downloaded and the changed ones will be committed to the SVN repository.