Thanks for taking the time. Here are some tips.

Use the form at the bottom of IssueTracker. This will add an "issue" page, in the bug tracker where others can find it. But first -

Search for an existing issue that sounds like your problem. If you find one there may be a solution there, or you may be able to add some new information or just a "me too". You should check KnownIssues first, then try clicking the appropriate category on IssueTracker, or search for some likely words describing your error. If you don't see your issue, go ahead and add it.

If you're not sure you've got a bug, or think it might be something simple, or the tracker is confusing or not working, post details on GeneralDiscussion.

Every good bug report needs exactly three things.

(Quoted from Painless Bug Tracking - Joel on Software )

More tips: