Here is news and information for translators working on Zwiki translations (l10n), developers working to support them (i18n), and interested users. You may want to subscribe here to listen in.

Translation process

  1. Translators contribute through Launchpad (only; po files are no longer changed via darcs)
  2. Developers periodically regenerate the pot files and upload them to Launchpad to keep the po files fresh.
  3. Release manager fetches the latest po files from Launchpad and commits them to darcs just before a release.

This obviates the complicated manual syncing I was doing - Launchpad handles that. No synchronisation is needed so Developers, Translators and Release manager can work at their own pace. Translators can still use their own tools if they download from and re-upload to Launchpad.

Status of zwiki.pot translations:

There is also a zwiki-plone.pot:

Old how-to-help

  1. Clean up this page
  2. Review what's been done so far. See the subtopics below.
  3. Subscribe to this page to hear news and discussion of this topic
  4. Choose an area to help with - are you most interested in

1. improving our process ? Can you help streamline/organize our process - clarify these instructions - research tools and documentation links - help coordinate, motivate and focus our effort ? You can help with this immediately here on InternationalisationDiscussion? is a good place to float ideas.

2. translating and improving the zwiki documentation ? You can start on this immediately at, eg at TranslatedPages, or work on it locally and upload later.

3. translating the zwiki user interface ? You should be familiar with the usual i18n/l10n process of working with .po files. Be sure to work with the latest po files from CodeRepos or . Find or make the .po file for your language. You can work on po files with any text editor but it's worthwhile to set up one with special support (emacs, kbabel, etc.). Send your updated po file to SimonMichael manually or by CodeRepos push or publish.

4. internationalising the skin templates ? This means adding 'i18n:translate' tags to the page templates in skins/standard and skins/zwiki_plone. You should be familiar with the documentation that describes i18n of page templates, eg at ZopeWiki:ZopeInternationalization or "ZPTInternationalizationExamples?": . You can edit these on the filesystem and then send a patch to SimonMichael manually or by CodeRepos. Any text editor works for this, but try to save with unix line endings. This is pretty much done!

5. internationalising the product python code ? Literal strings throughout the product code need to be enclosed in '_(...)' (see ZopeWiki:Localizer docs). In some cases thought/discussion/code changes are required. As above, send patches by mail or preferably CodeRepos push. This is mostly done, perhaps you can see more strings which it would make sense to internationalise.

6. improving our i18n infrastructure ? Mostly for motivated python hackers, and also bug trackers. Investigate i18n-related issues; make sure we work or degrade gracefully with the various ZopeWiki:InternationalizationProducts , locales, zope and python versions; add DTML variable interpolation support to PTS; i18n/l10n tests and tools; translation status display tools. This is useful for all zope products, see also ZopeWiki:ZopeInternationalization .

7. financial support ? Eg donating to the project, pledging an amount for certain mileposts, funding developers or development tasks or hosting, assigning in-house talent, sponsoring related work ? See ZwikiFunding