A feature in GreenCheese?'s wwml. Any image URL embedded in square brackets can be used as a wikiname, showing up throughout as an embedded image. Go play in the GreenCheese:SandBox to see what this is like.

Good one.. actually zwiki did this until my recent decree that "all things within square brackets shall be a valid page name". (cf _renderLink.) I'm not sure how I can have my cake and eat it too. --SM

Hrm. My recollection, which may be flawed, was that zwiki only made the images inside brackets embed; didn't turn 'em into page names. Naturally only the title is the page name - the id is a quoted version of same. It requires some hacks to RecentChanges? and parents.py to make this id/title combo work correctly across the board. I still have to finish the parents.py hack on account of it's a little messy in there.

I figure the most conservative way to have cake and eat it is to restrict this magic to images that are hosted locally - that have been uploaded to the zwiki server. And to put some size limits on the generated <img src ...> tags. Since Phlip in particular does a lot of graphic stuff on GC, I expect to get mileage from this. And it's sure something no other wiki has got! --PeterMerel