I'd like each page to use it's URL as a Remote Wiki URL when one isn't specified.

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Benefits and drawbacks listed below.

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page parameter hack? --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/03/20 15:37 GMT RFC: Every wiki page includes an implicit RemoteWikiLink?? to itself. (This would be overridable with an explicit RemoteWikiLink??)

Feature: Adding parameters to wiki links.

Examples: GeneralDiscussion:#bottom , RecentChanges?:?num=10 FilterIssues:?statuses:list=pending

Current workaround is to use an HTML or StructuredText link GeneralDiscussion:#bottom which may have relative URL problems and doesn't flow nicely with free-form...then again, not sure this will work with freeform links well without work, either. :-/ 80% coverage for majority benefit? Test: frontpage#bottom does this go to the FrontPage#bottom ?

page parameter hack? --SimonMichael, 2003/03/20 19:51 GMT Hi Dean. That could work well. Con: it might be one more magical syntax too many. We'll see. Also, I was thinking RemoteWikiLinks (tag: RemoteWikiURL) should be renamed to RemoteSites?? (tag: RemoteURL??). And that perhaps a freeform link containing : should be treated as a remote link, allowing short remote site abbreviations ([w:WelcomeVisitors]??). I think that's WikiPedia-style.

page parameter hack? --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/03/20 20:33 GMT Con: More magic syntax. As long as it's consistent with the remote, I think it's OK. I'd hate to have a seperate #,&,?,etc. when : can umbrella the gammit.

I like the idea of renaming the RemoteWiki??. Most of my remote links are to other local pages/wiki or web sites. I would prefer a "RemoteSite??" and "RemoteSiteURL??" notation to keep the words ultra-similar. (fwiw, Changing URL to Address may also help, fwiw.)

To clarify I expected a freeform to look like GeneralDiscussion:#bottom . I'll take this to a new thread.


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