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If you don't have or want a zope server right now, but want to try Zwiki
If you just want to try out some things it's fine to do that on this wiki, at least for a while, under a personal page . Or, there are many other zwiki sites around the net.
If you want to run your own wikis on a zope hosting provider or a zope server administered by someone else:
You can get a free zope account and set up your own zwiki at zope hosting providers like http://www.freezope.org Do you see Add ZWiki in the ZMI add menu ? If so, Zwiki's already installed - you may want to read up on ReleaseNotes and KnownIssues. Otherwise, ask your hosting provider or server admin to install it. Then, proceed to configuring.
If you want to run your own wikis on your own desktop or server machine:
You'll need administrative access, eg shell access to the server. (It may or may not be possible to install Zope and Zwiki on a server where you don't have root access.) Read on.
If you already have Zwiki installed and want to install a newer version:
Check the requirements below, and then jump to upgrading.
If you're looking for additional products to complement your wiki:
Read about related products .


Current Zwiki requires Zope 2, version 2.10 or greater. If you need to use an older Zope, check ZopeWiki:VersionsMatrix for required versions.

Zope is the powerful open-source web application framework on which Zwiki is built. You might wonder if it wouldn't be easier to use another wiki engine without this dependency, but note:

On the downside:

Installing Zwiki

New releases appear on the zwiki.org FrontPage on the first of the month. Before installing or upgrading, it's an excellent idea to check the latest ReleaseNotes and KnownIssues.

In general, you can download and install Zwiki in three ways: by using your platform's package management system if any (easiest), by downloading the tarball (latest stable version), or by cloning the latest development repo.

Here are platform-specific installation instructions:

or generic instructions:

  1. Install Zope (http://zope.org , ZopeWiki:InstallingZope)
  2. Download the Zwiki tarball from FrontPage
  3. Unpack it in your Zope Products directory
  4. Restart zope. You should now be able to choose Add a ZWiki or Add a ZWiki Page in the zope management interface.
  5. CMF/Plone users: install zwiki in your CMF or Plone site, as described on Zwiki and Plone. You should now be able to add a Wiki Page in the plone contents view.

Some general installation faqs; see also FAQ.

Where is my Zope Products directory?
That depends on your platform and how you installed Zope. It's probably under your ZopeWiki:INSTANCE_HOME , but not always. Check the platform installation notes above.
Why can't I add or view Wiki Pages in Plone ?
Don't forget step 5 above.

Assuming this went well, you're done. If you ran into any trouble, or your questions were not answered above, we would like to hear about it. Post now on #zwiki or GeneralDiscussion.

Otherwise, proceed to configuring and we'll create a new wiki.

Or read on to find out about..

Related products

Here are some other products that you may want to install to enhance your zwikis:

Other products:


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