See also ZopeWiki:ZopeOnWindows .

If you're interested in Plone , also consider the installer available at , with one caveat: this may install Zope in a non-standard place that's harder to upgrade and find documentation for.

Quick instructions to install Zwiki and Zope on Windows:
I'm completely new to both Zope and ZWiki, but this worked for me on a Win32 box:
  1. Install Zope to eg c:\zope. Eg, "Just get the win32 release of Zope from Run the install, fire up the start.bat script and confirm that you successfully get the Zope QuickStart screen on - your Zope is now working."
  2. Download the latest ZWiki from FrontPage or Unpack in c:\zope\lib\python\Products (or your appropriate Products directory).
  3. Restart Zope.
  1. Download Zope from
  2. Install Zope, accepting all defaults
  3. Download Zwiki from FrontPage, save this in the directory: C:\Zope-Instance\Products
  4. Un-zip the resultant zip file to C:\Zope-Instance\Products
  5. Click Start | Programs | Zope X.X.X | Run Zope in Console; wait 60 secs
  6. Open the file C:\Program Files\Zope-X.X.X-0\README.html in your browser, click on the first hyperlink; the Zope Home page appears
  7. In the "Select Type to Add..." dropdown, select Zwiki
  8. Start making a Zwiki website on your own machine.


I just completed an install on Windows XP on 25 November 2004. It went pretty smoothly, after I figured out where to put stuff. Here are the steps I used.
  1. Download the Zope package from I used the current version 2.7.3-0. Install Zope by double-clicking the downloaded .exe file. I used all the default settings:
    • Zope resides at c:\Program Files\Zope-2.7.3-0
    • A "Zope Instance" resides at c:\Zope-Instance
    • Zope starts automagically at boot.
  2. Reboot (Maybe not necessary, but can't hurt with Windows.) Verify Zope is running (it takes awhile after all the little icon thingies appear along the bottom) by choosing start-programs-administrative tools-services. Scroll way down to the bottom of the list for Zope.
  3. Verify Zope is working by opening a browser window (I use Firefox 1.0) and load the page: http://localhost:8080. "Localhost" just means your own machine and :8080 is the "port" that Zope uses to communicate to the world. You might also want to verify that the Admin Console is working by going to http://localhost:8080/manage. (You DID remember your admin password, right?)
  4. Download the zwiki package from I got the current one Zwiki-0.36.2.tgz. Unpack the tgz (tar gnu zip) package with Winzip and extract all (using folder names) to: c:\Program Files\Zope-2.7.3-0\lib\python\Products. The Products folder now has a zwiki subfolder, containing all the goodies.
  5. Reboot again (just in case).
  6. Open the Zope Admin Console again, by opening a browser to http://localhost:8080/manage
  7. On the right side, near the top, is a drop-down menu with an "Add" button next to it. This is where I got confused, because it says "Accelerated HTTP Cache Manager" in the box. Just scroll way down to the bottom, where zwiki resides and select it. Wiz-bang the scripts start generating your new wiki pages. You will be asked to type in something for ID and Title. I choose "ZWiki" as the ID and "First ZWiki Site" as the title.
  8. Your new ZWiki pages are ready to go. Find them by going to http://localhost:8080/ZWiki (Of course, if you choose a different ID value, then use that name at the end.) You will find tht you need to go to the Admin Console to change permission settings, so others may edit pages.

--Dennis Arter, Kennewick, Washington

Or installing ZWiki inside a Plone 2 installation:

  1. Download ZWiki
  2. Copy the ZWiki folder into your Plone installation direcory at ...\Plone 2\Zope\lib\python\Products
  3. Restart Plone
  4. Under products, check to install ZWiki, which is now a new item there

--Arne Gerhard, Munich, Germany

[FAQ], problems and solutions

Why is the tarball messed up ?
People have trouble with this from time to time. The Zwiki release is a standard gzipped tar file, presented to your browser with Content-Type: application/x-tar and Content-Encoding: x-gzip. Any problems unpacking it are probably due to your browser or unzip tool's configuration. Some more notes by windows users:
  • The filename has extension .tgz, which is short for .tar.gz. It opens fine with my version of WinZip 8.1 after telling me that the archive contains a tar file and asking me if I want to open that.
  • WinZip is perfectly happy to open .tgz files (unzipping and untarring the archive on the fly); all you need to do is: rename the file extension from .tar.gz to .tgz.
  • If you are using WinZip to unpack the file, be sure to disable the "TAR file smart CR/LF expansion" option
  • [WinRAR]? is your easiest bet for Windows.
Are spaces in installation directory ok ?
We're not sure.
Page Not Found
Generally restarting Zope under Windows will give you a scary-looking "This page can not be displayed"/404 error. Wait a few seconds, then do Reload and it'll work - the service takes a few seconds to restart.

See also the answers at installing and FAQ.