See WikiWikiWeb:InterWiki , and zwiki's RemoteWikiLinks feature.

Wiki space will grow - WikiIsTheNewWeb?. Is it possible to put the world into one wiki ? Is it possible to treat the world's wikis as a single wikispace ? That's what the above page is about.

My immediate concern is to have a good & easy mechanism for referencing content on other wikis, for the reasons described at the above link. How should this work ? Need some ideas here.

  1. two adjacent wikinames, where the first is a local page or method describing the remote server (eg its url on the first line) and the second is the name of the remote page.

    eg: WikiWikiWeb/InterWiki or WikiWikiWeb:InterWiki

    Shorter server aliases, compact display notations (icons) are possible. One might split up the anchor so you can check out both server and page, eg:


    I have implemented this scheme (see RemoteWikiLinks)

  2. automatic fallback - if a page is not found locally, try redirecting to one or more preferred remote servers. This conflicts with local page creation.
  3. IncludeOrTransclude other (possibly remote) pages into the content of a local page.
  4. ?

MeatballWiki?/UseModWiki has decided to publish its InterWiki (well, inter-community) list in the hopes of creating a more unified, more well rounded list. Check out and MeatballWiki:InterWiki for discussion. I know, I know, this is the nth crack at unifying the namespace, but this time we're going low energy. No standards, no forced link patterns. Simply, "This is our data, please enjoy, please share yours." --SunirShah


Quite a lot of Wikis now have InterWiki support, e.g. TWiki (TWiki:Codev/InterWiki), MoinMoin and OpenWiki?. This makes it easy to surf across a number of Wikis without perceiving them as really separate things. --RichardDonkin

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/12/18 15:47 GMT (via web):
Is an InterMapTxt file useful for SubWiki management? From all SubWiki-s there should be access via RemoteWikiLinks to all remote wikis known in the ParentWiki and vice versa. How can this be managed?


InterWiki Wiki -- Thu, 06 Nov 2003 16:27:49 -0800 reply
I'm making a wiki specificly to address InterWiki issues: