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The technology place for non profit! TechSoup?.org is a free, comprehensive nonprofit technology resource. Featuring NPO discounts, articles, and recommendations, TechSoup? leads nonprofits to the technology support and solutions they need

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CatGen?'s Mission: We believe that the benefits of the Internet should be available to all people in all countries.'s primary mission is to E-commerce enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs?) anywhere in the world. Additional, complementary goals are: Provide software that can be used by anyone, free of charge, to organize product or service information and produce printed catalogs as well as to easily create web sites, completely hassle-free. Increase the exchange and flow of information between developed and developing nations, particularly in regards to information concerning social, cultural, and labor conditions; consumer preferences; artistic creation; and manufacturing processes. Provide a forum in which First World buyers/consumers and Third World artisans and producers can communicate with one another. Provide a highly efficient communication system so that Third World producers can recieve the highest possible profit and return on their investments while reducing the market price of their goods and eliminating barriers for First World consumers. Support the Fair Trade movement by providing high-quality tools and services specifically tailored for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Linux group Siena che fa software su misura per congolese.

www4mail is an open source application, that allows you to navigate off-line and search the whole Internet via electronic mail (e-mail)

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