This modification adds an owner and a due-date to issues in ZwikiIssueTracker.

Patch Description

ZWiki 0.34 introduced a plugin architecture and the issue tracker is now implemented as a separate plugin. Because of this, is the only Python file which has to be changed for this modification [1]. All other changes affect the DTML code for the views issuetracker, filterissues, and the issue properties form--and not to forget the po-files, if you want to have multi-language support [2].

The following files are changed by the modification:

Applying the Patch

The patch file can be applied to a darcs repository (see also CodeRepos) using the command darcs apply patchfile. The patch was created against ZWiki 0.36 [6].

Important: If you run into ZCatalog problems, then run somePageURL/setupTracker as suggested by Simon Michael.

[1] This thing started with ZWiki 0.24 and was adapted to newer versions, several times. Previous versions also required changes in to register the new fields in the catalog and to handle them in upgradeAll, and so on.

[2] I am afraid, I was only able to provide English and German text.

[3] You don't have to change these in the file system. Alternatively, you can add a DTML method named issuetracker to your ZWiki, which overrides the one in the file system.

[4] However, several other formats are also accepted as input--for example 25. Oct 2003 or 12/11/03 which results in 2003-12-11.

[5] And no, there is no other copy in skins/zwiki_plone :-).

[6] The patches for 0.29 and 0.34 are still available.

This is a ZwikiModification.

--Andreas Mayer, updated on 2005-11-20


Severe problems with this patch -- Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:31:52 -0700 reply
Please see IssueTrackerOwnerAndDueDateProblems

Severe problems with this patch -- Thu, 23 Sep 2004 13:48:31 -0700 reply
Did you quote the search URL's built in IssueTracker and FilterIssues?

I ask as I got bit by a recent one: Joel Schmoe and Joe Smith were both returned from a search for "Joe Smith" (translation: Joe OR Smith.)

Severe problems with this patch -- Fri, 24 Sep 2004 07:45:25 -0700 reply
It's not a problem when using a FieldIndex? Index, instead of TextIndex?*. :-P

IssueTrackerOwnerAndDueDate-0.34.darcs does this work well enough for the rest of us? -- Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:54:31 -0700 reply
Anybody using this to any success please? does this work well enough for the rest of us? -- Thu, 21 Oct 2004 23:52:25 -0700 reply
We are using this modification now for more than a month on two servers in various projects. After I have fixed a minor bug in the auto-upgrade function (this fix is included in the current patch), existing Wikis could be upgraded flawlessly--that is new Trackers can be installed and existing Trackers can be extended with the new fields. As far as I know, everybody is happy with the system (or at least doesn't complain :-). That's all I can say.

If you are interested in this modification but are afraid of breaking your ZWiki, I recommend you to first install it on a test site and give it a try.


Great Patch -- Fri, 22 Oct 2004 00:21:21 -0700 reply
- used it with success since 23. september 2004 and: We love it!

... -- Fri, 22 Oct 2004 02:39:52 -0700 reply
we just installed it today and it works well for me; thanks for the input all.

It would be cool to add a few more fields: estimated time, actual time, customer, and then perhaps build some reporting routine to print content per customer or owner for status meeting-type stuff. Ideally I'd like to never mod the base code again, and if such features/functions could be added by dropping dtml code to over-ride existing functions that would be oh-so-objectified...!

Patch for 0.36 available? -- Mon, 08 Nov 2004 15:06:48 -0800 reply
I tried IssueTrackerOwnerAndDueDate-0.34.darcs on a 0.36 zwiki release and got conflicts. Could someone upload a patch for 0.36?

Patch for 0.36 available? -- Mon, 08 Nov 2004 15:28:56 -0800 reply
Could you post a track-back?

Patch for 0.36 available? -- Tue, 09 Nov 2004 23:47:39 -0800 reply
I am sorry. I work on this voluntarily and there is a limiting factor: my amount of free time. Therefore, it may take a few weeks/new releases until I can/will upgrade the patch. But maybe someone else is willing to step in and do the necessary changes for 0.36. Without having looked at it, I expect the changes to be rather minor.

By the way, what is a "track-back"? --Andreas

Patch for 0.36 available? -- Wed, 10 Nov 2004 18:05:46 -0800 reply

By the way, what is a "track-back"? --Andreas

trace-back. Too much blogging on the brain. ;-P

Patch for 0.36 available? -- Sat, 20 Nov 2004 14:53:03 -0800 reply
Finally, I have found some time (and motivation :-) to update the patch for 0.36. Someone has changed the layout of the issue matrix in the original filterissues from category vs. status to category vs. severity. I kept this up and the second matrix now shows owner vs. severity instead of owner vs. status as in the past. I also took the liberty to change the algorithm for the computation of the totals. I found it somewhat irritating that the numbers in the matrix respected the selected statuses, whereas the totals ignored them. So the number rarely summed up to the totals. In other respects, there shouldn't be much difference to the previous versions.


In 0.37? -- Wed, 05 Jan 2005 11:03:20 -0800 reply
Will owner and duedate etc. features make their way into the main version of Zwiki? I'm using 0.37 and this sort of functionaly would be great. As I'm rather new to python/zope/plone applying patches is still rather daunting at this time. Thanks Rudiger

differtent number / same topic: R patches for 0.44 available? -- Tue, 16 Aug 2005 04:59:51 -0700 reply

It works for 0.48 --Encolpe Degoute, Thu, 08 Dec 2005 07:21:41 -0800 reply
If someone can help me to create a darcs patch, I can put it there.