I've been using ZWiki quite a bit for a large medical protocols knowledge base.

This has put me into the category of people who are working on ZWiki structuring proposals. I realize that there are quite a few these days.

The first step for me was to create a better navigation interface, and then a better editing interface. When your users are doctors and nurses, you get useful feedback in this respect.

The navigation interface is based on frames, since nearly all browsers support them these days. With frames in effect, the main page view can scroll, while leaving the navigation interface visible. The typical document I am working with is 3-10 screenfulls long, and the users get concerned when none of the navigational facilities are visible when in the middle of such. (Completed in ZwikiWithFrames 0.7.1) slight refactoring

The editing interface had to support page deletion and renaming without going to the Zope management interface, and so I added those. (Completed in ZwikiWithFrames 0.7.1)

Likewise, it must be possible to change the page's type (StructuredText, DTML, etc.) without going to the management interface. (Completed in ZwikiWithFrames 0.7.1)

Finally, I had to make patches to StructuredText to support lists that are numeric, alphabetic, roman numerals, etc., in order to handle the detailed outline form of the medical documents. (Released on the Zope site in mid-September).

On going work:

Jeff would you consider renaming your variant slightly to avoid confusion with "stable" ZWiki (current release 0.6.1) ? And is there somewhere we can download or see it in action ? I'd love to check out your UI changes. --SM

2002/05/02 06:35 GMT (via web):
Version 0.7.1 (stable) release. Last update was Sept. 2000, apparently; i wonder what happened to this project. ? |/|/

2002/06/12 22:39 GMT (via web):
Thanks for asking what happened to the project. I happened to see your note just today, as I was reviewing this project for the first time in two years. I am probably going to continue it, but as a Java-based web application rather than in Zope.