I've been using ZWiki a lot. :) We have made it a key tool in alot of our communication at DigitalCreations.

Major goals of mine:

  • Add the ability to browse a pages history. This is nearly done. I've added a History tab to DTMLMethods? (and therefore DTMLDocuments? and ZWiki pages) for Zope 2.2. <br> Q: would this cope with my method of working, which is to add a bit, then check a bit, then add a bit more? Perhaps I'd need a "consolidate the edits in the last hour into one session" button. This may also be applicable to the item below, on the lines of "I've already sent a notification about this page in the last few minutes, so don't notify again". -- GeoffGardiner <br> Oh, nice point. Hmmmm. --GTK

  • Add a mechanism for allowing people to be notified about changes to Wiki pages or sites. Rather than add this to ZWiki directly, we are adding an "Observer and Notification", http://www.zope.org/Members/michel/Projects/Interfaces/ObserverAndNotification, interface framework to Zope. I'd like to see ZWiki pages plug into this framework somehow, so that various people can innovate in creating notification and subscription services rather than burdening ZWiki.

  • Make ZWiki subclassable from ZClasses?. This will make it alot easier to experiment and innovate.

  • Redo the way StructuredText/DTML is supported:

    o Eventually, switching to StructuredTextNG will provide a

    Wiki-specific StructuredText dialect that peforms wiki-reference processing during structured text processing. This will, among other things:

    • Make processing and rendering faster,

    • Unscrew explict references, using the '[text]' syntax. (In case you haven't notices, you currently get nested


    • Make it unnecessary to escape wiki references in code and example text.

    • Make the code simpler.

    o In the short term, the code should be changes to perform

    StructuredText processing at edit time, rather than render time. This will:

    • Make rendering alot faster,
    • Moving Structuredtext processing before DTML processing allows DTML code to be shown in examples.
  • Expose tabs in some form in the basic UI. This doesn't have to be the standard Zope tabs. Basically, I want the same hyperlinks that would otherwise be shown in Zope's 'manage_tabs', filtered the same way. This will allow access to features like the new History tab and things like custom property sheets added by ZClasses?.

Some less major goals:

  • Make it really easy to add images

  • Make it easier to rename and delete pages (without escaping to the management screen)

  • Make it possible to add different objects when someone clicks on a '?'. This will make images a snap, but will also be handy when you want to add other specialized objects.

  • Escape the folder:

    o Wiki pages should be usable by themselves, although this implies

    that many of the standard pages that are currently stand-alone methods are reimplemented as methods.

    o Allow organizational features like BackLinks, RecentChanges?,

    Ken's new structuring stuff to be provided by separate OrganizationObjects? that would interact with the Wiki pages via the new "Observer and Notification", http://www.zope.org/Members/michel/Projects/Interfaces/ObserverAndNotification, interface.

"Jim", mailto:jim@digicool.com