This is my first time venturing into Python and using the Zope and ZWiki programs. I have noticed on my console (Run Zope In Console)the following: 2004-12-29T20:12:31 BLATHER(-100)ZWiki using no i18n what is this?

I also would like to know is there a forum for Zope and ZWiki?

I have managed to get up Zope and have been creating additional pages and editing them without to much trouble. And have created what is supposed to be a page template which just shows all the html code nothing else. I guess because I am so intrigued by Zope and it's versatility as it is the only program that has enabled me to actually do something in comparison to php, Mysql, or any of the other languages that I have created this page.

I have yet to do anything in my console for fear that I may accidently poof my existing site which is operating. Excuse my ignorance here. I need to get hold of something that will teach me how and what I can do through the console on PC. What can you do with the console and what is the difference between this console and that of Python's? Do they both interact with each other by association of just being on your PC? Or is there some programming needed to associated one with the other interacting together?

I am going slow simply because I don't want myself to get frustrated as I usually end up doing, and then I suffer the lack of knowledge because of it. I am to put it mildly desperate to learn how to use these console's on python and Zope. I lost interest in php and Mysql because they seemed so complex. With Python for some reason even though I haven't done anything yet with it, strangely seems to attract my attention to it in a different way than with php or Mysql, seems kind of insane to be saying it this way but really I don't know how else to put it.

So if someone could give me some information regarding my questions here and btw show me how to get back to this page so as to see if anyone has any information, I would greatly benefit and would be able after awhile be able to contribute something back or help others to become interested in using Zope and the Python language.

Thxs for any information,
''--JohnNaughton'' :after saving why did the size of the fonts change?

(new) --Bob McElrath?, Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:18:18 -0800 reply

See ZWikiDiscussion?, and join us on IRC, or hit the "subscribe" link at the top of the page.

(new) --Bob McElrath?, Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:19:14 -0800 reply

That's AboutZWikiDiscussion? ... oops.

(new) --Bob McElrath?, Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:21:19 -0800 reply

And this time I'll get the capitalization correct.


IRC? --Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:26:54 -0800 reply

Where can I get on IRC?--JohnNAUGHTON?

Have been busy in the un-virtual world lately: --Tue, 18 Jan 2005 22:26:15 -0800 reply

Many thxs to your replies Bob. As of yet I haven't hooked up yet with the IRC. I am using "Gaim" for IRC. Which is one of the best in my opinion. Will try to get into a set time in which to correspond. This week I am taking my CPT test for College so of course I am preoccupied with that. Again thxs, hear from me soon,

Be well, JohnNaughton