I'm really JimFulton and am demoing Wiki to Ken.

And i'm really ken, looks like the demo stuck... I implemented WikiStructuringIdeas a while back, it's been incorporated to ZWiki. My recent (as of Jan, 2001) effort, WikiForNow, implements some permission by which page owners can specify who can edit, create new pages from the current page, rename, delete, etc. I think it's very timely for the kinds of vandalism that's shown up on this site and others. (It's crucial for the digital creation's "fishbowl", where development proposals and artifacts are maintained in public in wikis.) Here's a copy of RegulatingYourPages, describing the mechanism and rationale behind it...


Hi Ken - hey, here's something which I feel is worth asking - what are the chances of you & DC ever merging the plethora of zope.org wikis into a single giant zope wiki ? When I cross my eyes and don't think about it too hard, this seems like it could work better. --SM