Here are some well-known issues, both fixed and unfixed; see also the IssueTracker and ReleaseNotes.


  • Zwiki, Zope, and Plone can be memory hungry; hosting many large wikis on a VPS can be challenging. Memory pressure can cause visible warmup delays and slow viewing and editing operations. Wikis with thousands of pages and revisions might require hundreds of M or a G of ram for good performance.
  • Unicode errors can occasionally arise with non-ascii content, depending on your versions of Zope, Zwiki, and ZCatalog indexes. Be sure to follow the version recommendations. (Should be better now with Zwiki 2).
  • Page hierarchy can get confused, requiring you to visit SomePage/updatecontents or even delete the outline object in the wiki folder. The latter re-alphabetizes all subtopics.
  • Translations are incomplete.