zL Lantz's Workbench

It is an old habit, sorta a scratch pad jumping off point for my thoughts. The convention also seperates a third person about LantzRowland information from this more random collection of snippets.

Squeak Draft

Spotted the interest of the so I will see if I can provide a page of local content.

LantzRowland started his Smalltalk adventures with an copy of Apple's License one port of Smalltalk-80 and has continued with WikiWikiWeb:ObjectShare ( Parcplace and Digitalk ) WikiWikiWeb:VisualWorks, Smalltalk-V , WikiWikiWeb:ObjectWorks , followed by WikiWikiWeb:VisualAgeSmalltalk , WikiWikiWeb:DolphinSmalltalk and most recently WikiWikiWeb:SqueakSmalltalk .