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At the moment, this page is filled with a running record of the process of customizing LaurazWiki. It needs to be refactored! I'm also pretty active at my weblog, net.narrative environments .

I'll rework the text below and add it to the doc that's gathering now at StyleSheets.

See LaurazWiki:UpgradingzWiki for instructions geared toward amateur coders using a Mac OSX with an external Zope hosting provider.

In the process of upgrading to 0.20.0, I contributed a small "how to" on changing the list of allowed page types, available here at FAQs?: How do I change the list of allowed page types? Note: I think it's out of date already. It's difficult to keep up! (Note to self: add info on installing the reStructured text rendering package!)

I'm working on an intro to using WikiMail at zwiki.org: WikiMailAtZWiki?. It's, er, in revisions! +}

Next up: installing zwiki for a plone site: see ZwikiAndPlone.

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::laura |03.06.28/08.17|


Things to do, when I can:



On this page: [Bingo]! :: [zWikiGlitches]

Customization Humble Pie

I've just discovered that, using style sheets and Zope Page Templates, customization is a total snap! Who knew?! I was so put off by the idea of approaching the dread file system, where the templates now reside, that I thought the whole business needed to be managed on the file system. Not at all! Is my face red! I mean, I've been winging about my broken templates for months.

I am one happy little camper! A little astonished, perhaps, that I really couldn't grok this till I'd jumped in, focused, and started tooling around the file system again. But a very happy camper, all the same.

Thanks, zWiki guys! Compared with zWiki circa summer 2002, the ZPT + CSS version is a streamlined, customizers dream.

::laura |03.06.28|

Customizing zWiki with Style Sheets

Using style sheets coordinates the zWiki w/a larger site's look and feel. It makes it easy to adjust formatting of fonts, paragraphs, lists, and so on, except where that's embedded inline (i.e. w/in the zWiki code itself). It also allows me to use, inside the zWiki, all my little style sheet extras — like class="strike" to make a line through — a set of text-formatting classes, colored lines and boxes that I've come to rely on, like a toolkit.

Here is an abbreviated record of the process, which pretty much just restates w/my own spin the info available elsewhere at zwiki.org. I'll try to incorporate this w/the existing zwiki.org doc as/when I can, and am also tracking it at my own notesWiki. See also: FAQs?#Customization for nearly absolute beginners .

The customized header/footers or ZPT's (your choice) go into the ZMI, not the file system. The only trick is copying out the template on which to do the customization, that is, off the file system.

For ZWiki version 0-15-0 — not the current version! — copies of the various templates off the file system are available here:

To customize, I did the following:

To DO: explain how the divs work.

I immediately made a minor style sheets adjustment, to change the font color:

In my style sheets:

The code:

 main.zWiki { 
    padding: .5em;

 #main.zWiki p, #main.zWiki ul, #main.zWiki ol, #main.zWiki dl {
   color: #333;

Then, in the wikipage template:

The code:

 <div ID="main" class="zWiki">

This allows me to make further modifications on the "zWiki" class.


UPDATE: I've switched back to the original solution, creating a special #zWiki div. On this, see LaurazWiki:CSSDivszWikiDiagram, the beginnings of the documentation. It's a diagram! =}


Inline customizations

Note: I haven't looked to see what's already documented on this process here.

BEWARE of making changes within the template, to the inline style commands. The pace of change in the templates is quite rapid and customizations will need to be redone each time you upgrade! This can be a pain to maintain. It's easy to get in over your head.

That said, sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! =}

Adjusted background colors inline, in zWiki headers/footers:

CAUTION: the paler grey background of the zWiki header is also the color of the comment input box, #f0f0f0, so a search and replace on that may give unexpected results (it's very light!).


Customization Glitch!

Descendent selectors are very powerful! font styles can be difficult to overrise — rendering optional text formatting tricks inoperative (class="plainFont", boxes, alignment).

ToDo?: Find fast fix! |03.07.04|


naming conventions (for end users)

Note to zwiki.org: title on icon says, go to home page but it's actually the front page. On my site, home would be the root of netvironments.



Well, it took some fiddling but I worked out how to:

Well, I've been using an ad-hoc sloppy left-aligned method. More time consuming this way, but sure looks better (yes, I do a lot of writing right in the browser). Makes you think more clearly, too, I bet. =}


Problems I ran into w/zWiki (v.0-15-0):


Here begins a discussion thread, mobilized by the comments function and the nifty subscription feature!

Leave a note using the comment button and it will appear below. Use the reply link to respond to any message below and I'll get it via email (*nice!). Or, subscribe to the page.

If you subscribe, you can then initiate an email thread to this page by sending a message to:

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No quotes, but be sure to include the square brackets. The message will come to me via email and appear here, at the bottom of the page. Note: when you reply to an existing thread, it goes out to the entire zwiki.org subscribers list (they asked for it!). =}

See also: email help doc

2002/12/27 16:26 GMT (via web):
From your wiki:

>> *Of course, in ZWikiLand, things don't really "nest under" other things, but I'm trying to shape the space so
>> I can find my way around it and see everything!

They do through the parenting feauture and more complex SubWiki scenario...but there may be another organizational thought your thinking of.

Hm, thanks — yes, I use parenting for that and am starting to use SubWiki/s.



Customization Humble Pie --simon, 2003/06/28 08:31 GMT reply
Yay! I replied on GeneralDiscussion to get a bit more visibility.

Z adventure for Zwiki newbies --JohnDeBruyn, 2003/06/28 16:19 GMT reply
Hi Laura: Thanks so much for journaling your Z wiki discoveries ... I am going to track along with this venture of yours ... please keep up the good work.

Z adventure for Zwiki newbies -- 2003/06/30 06:33 GMT reply
Thanks, John! It is quite an adventure. Though I've messing with zWiki off and on for just under a year now, I've pretty much kept to myself till now. But I'd like to contribute, especially extending a hand out to those who, like me, are persnickety about design! zWiki's an amazing tool. Thanks for dropping by!

... --simon, 2003/06/30 10:22 GMT reply

> I don't know how you initiate an email thread to this page.

Send mail to zwiki@zwiki.org with "[LauraTrippi]" in the subject.

> And note: when you reply to an existing thread, it may go out
> to the entire zwiki.org subscribers list.

Yes it will (those subscribers have chosen to receive comments from all pages).


... -- 2003/07/23 13:15 GMT reply
Hi Laura: Keep up the dialog--between you and Simon--I am really getting the sense of Zwiki. Thanks, John

... -- 2003/07/23 13:15 GMT reply
Hi Laura: Keep up the dialog--between you and Simon--I am really getting the sense of Zwiki. Thanks, John

Post Script (in edit mode): Three times is a charm. This comment, the one above, went out three times from Zwiki by email, posted to the page twice and I thought that it did not take at all which is why I tried the comment button once, and again, and again. Perhaps the server is a bit slow refreshing the page after the comment button is pressed and I was too impatient. J.

... -- 2003/07/23 14:05 GMT reply
Hi Laura:

I see that you are into the pipe | for various and sundry purposes. I have been using it to keep what would otherwise qualify as a Wiki|Page|Name from being recognized as such by wiki and also as you have done so that the wiki name of a page is not modified where you want to use a plural or possessive form of the Wiki|Page|Name as, for example, LauraTrippi|'s good ideas. Steve Pike and I over at PikiePikie had a discussion of whether it would be useful to have wiki recognize but not display the |. I explained that I had not seen others use the | in my wiki wonderings. (I did a lot of that. There was a time when I could say that I had visited almost every wiki that was Web accessible.) Having yet another rule about wiki composition was not worth the esthetics--in fact thinking about this again, using the | without the extra scripting and rules helps reinforce the Wiki|Page|Name concept. JohnDeBruyn

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