A LinkDatabase feature would give a list of all page-links in the local wiki. This is a nice and luxury feature. It is not really necessary, so it has (imo) the status wishlist.

Known wikis which support it yet: MeatballWiki?, MoinMoinWiki?; some others want to. See MeatballWiki:WikisWithLinkDatabases

The best implementation is on MeatballWiki?, see MeatballWiki:LinkDatabase. If you want to know for what it's good for, the best is to try it there. They suggest some good examples. Some of them are quite useful, ie. it is possible to find out all InterWiki links (or just to a certain wiki) on large pages (or of the complete wiki), it can be searched for URLs? containing a any string (ie.a certain domain).

Disadvantage: The LinkDatabase feature currently rescans the entire database every time it is used, so it is slow and CPU-intensive. Eventually the code will store the results and reuse them.

(started by FlorianKonnertz on 02-10-24)


(copied from GeneralDiscussion:)

Can we have a LinkDatabase here in ZWiki like the one on http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?LinkDatabase ? --FloK

Flok : Could you explain a bit of the benefits of LinkDatabase?

Ok, I'll write something about it on LinkDatabase and move this discussion to it, too. --FloK,1024

SimonMichael, 2002/10/24 06:53 GMT (via web):
I found this review helpful, thanks.

I'm glad to hear this, Simon! --FloK,1024