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using alpha names for a name section names doesn't work

more details please --SM

bracket links don't work with zope 2.4

cf Kent Polk's zope-cmf message of 2001/11/16.. in 2.4.2 you get both wiki and stx cross-reference linking and apparently in 2.4.3 it's worse.

temporary workaround is to downgrade zwiki to classic stx by calling ClassicStructuredText?.HTML instead of StructuredText.HTML in

fixed in 0.9.7

When you use a WikiName in the midst of a quoted-phrase (followed by colon and then URL to make the phrase an HREF), you get nested HREF tags, which is verboten. This is a test by BillSeitz to see what happens when you have a WikiName in the middle of a quoted-href-label phrase. Result: if you ViewSource?, you'll see that there is a pair of nested hrefs. -BillSeitz Feb6'02

URLs? with semi-colon get broken;sid=2002/2/2/14302/91040 -BillSeitz Feb6'02

2002/02/15 22:22 GMT (via web):
Links with square brackets which contain single-quote characters can't be created.

Try to create a page for the link [Bob's Page]?. It lets you enter the page, then fails
it appears that the single quote is being unescaped too soon.