Lynx is a text based web browser.

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How well does Zwiki work through Lynx?

ZWiki works well from lynx. Since most wiki pages are tending to be text-heavy, they do fine in a text-only browser. My biggest gripe with ZWiki and lynx is that reStructuredText does not automatically use the ZoPe "Title" to fill the alt-attribute of the img-tag. This detriments the use of images in reSTX ZWiki pages a bit. It might be argued that one can add the title manually through the reSTX markup, but that is often extra work.

It should be noted that a normal ZWiki site has to take no extra measures to work well in lynx.

Editing pages in lynx seems to be cumbersome at first, with the unusual textarea form that lynx uses. The secret to comfortable editing of wiki pages in lynx is that while with the cursor in a textarea, you can type ^X E (Control-X and then E) to edit the content of the textarea in your favorite text editor (e.g. vi or emacs, preference set using your shell's setup). Upon quitting the editor your text is reinserted into the textarea. Without having to set up ExternalEditor, this allows for using the full text editing powers of a proper text editor.

How important is Lynx compatibility to Zwiki users?

Lynx is often the test-mark for accessibility of a web site. When a site works in lynx, it will also work for users with disabilities, most notably for the blind and seeing impaired. Lynx is also one of the most speedy browsers around, so a few select ubergeeks use it to get to the information faster.

How do ZWiki pages look in lynx?

Lynx is text only, though modern versions can use color (depending on the abilities of the underlying terminal or terminal emulator software). The current ZWiki FrontPage looks somewhere like this - here displaying the first "screenfull" in a large terminal window:

#                                       FrontPage (p1 of 14)
   [1]home [2]changes [3]discussion [4]issues [5]contents [6]index
   [7]help [8]options [9]subscribe [10]edit [11](external edit)

     * [13]FrontPage ...

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   #[15] new pages

Welcome to Zwiki!

      A powerful Zope-based wiki engine with many optional and useful

    [16]docs | [17]download | [18]discussion | [19]bugs | [20]about this

   A [21]wiki is a special kind of website that's easy for anyone to
   edit. Wikis emphasize simplicity, speed, and cooperation, and have
   quickly become an essential tool for individuals, businesses and
   collaborating communities.

   [22]go to
   [23]go to
   [24]why support Zwiki ? Read this!

   Zwiki is an easy-to-use, fun, and powerful wiki engine based on the
   [25]Zope web application server; it also works well with the [26]Plone
   CMS. Zwiki's optional features include: simple and [27]fuzzy urls,
   automatic [28]page hierarchy and subtopics links, [29]smooth two-way
   mail integration , [30]RSS, [31]issue tracking , [32]dynamic scripting
   , a variety of text markups including [33]RestructuredText,
   [34]MoinMoin and [35]LaTeX, [36]WYSIWYG and [37]external editing,

Note that with my current settings links would be bolded (could be set to underlined as well) and numbered. With numbered links the user can enter the number of the link on the keyboards number pad. Often terminal users choose to set things up with a black background and green or amber text, which in not well represented by this "screen shot". But I think what you "get" well in this screen shot is how the information in the wiki page is represented in pure text form.