Integration of wikis and email was pioneered by Zwiki. The idea is to blur the dividing line between these two, getting the benefits of both and allowing people to use whichever is most efficient for them at a given time. This page is an introduction for users; see also:

Receiving mail from a zwiki

If you see a "subscribe" link, you can add yourself as a subscriber to

receive any comments by mail. This means you don't have to keep visiting the page to check for activity. (Most zwikis send comments, but not edits.)

How: click the subscribe link. If your email address doesn't appear here, enter it now and click change. Now, click one of the two subscribe buttons that will appear. Subscribe to the page to receive comments on that page only; subscribe to the whole wiki to receive comments from all pages and also notification of new pages.

Sending mail to a zwiki

Some zwikis also allow you to post comments and create pages by sending

mail to a special email address.

How: usually you must subscribe to at least one page first, so the wiki knows you are not a spammer. The easiest way to send mail in is to reply to a mail that you've received from the wiki. Or, to start a new thread, or create a new page: send mail to the wiki's mail-in address, and be sure to start your subject with the destination page name in square brackets. (By default, zwiki ignores mail-ins without this kind of subject.)