Every Edit with a Note gets appended to the page as a comment (without /diff .. usally meaningless, inspired by Issue Tracker note field.)

Only comments with a Subject gets marked up and added as comments, all others are Appends (and get appended to the Document, not the comments.) Comments w/ subject sent out as usual.

Summary: If it matters, summarize it, and folks who care will be notified.


RSS per page!

RecentChanges? "logs only" view


StickyChangeNote? -- override this to avoid multiple comment, or just don't comment on multiple changes w/ same change note.

RecentChanges? Log entry can be a link to that comment

I think the main idea of this page is to minimize mail traffic if mail on general edits is enabled. An alternative implementation can be inspected in the following issue: [#955 (Maybe cool) idea for minimizing mails if "mail to subscribers after general edits" is enabled]?. Please comment...

Main idea --DeanG, Fri, 07 Jan 2005 13:47:10 -0800 reply

Primary idea is providing a cleaner notification than edits mode, tracking the "story" (no *his*story) of a page similar to source control check-in comments.

Folks will not edit then comment as that takes two steps.

A RecentChanges? "logs only" view also allows spam cleanup to sit below the radar...as may spam, but that's why wiki gardeners watch every change.