2000-11-28. I think that "Page History" with a mandatory login provides a tracking mechanism that achieves my aims here, so I'm likely to retire Managed Mode now. That is - I have no plans to move it onto 0.7 upwards. --GeoffGardiner

Thanks for ManagedMode Geoff. I'm sure it's ideas will (continue to) be re-used as needed --SM

I have implemented a Managed Mode on top of ZWiki / ZWikiWeb. Details are in ManagedModeCode?, and downloads for ZWiki release 0.6.1 on Zope 2.1.6 and 2.0.0 can be obtained from .


In 'managed_mode':


Geoff, that sounds great! i look forward to seeing this in action. you have already got me drooling

Geoff could you add a link so we can see this in action ?

I have no externally-accessible Web site to run this on and, since there are extensions to ZWikiPage.py and __init__.py involved, I can't just add to existing sites, so I'm not sure how to do this. --GG

Ideas here sounds pretty good. I'd also saw Jeff Rigsen do some work along this line and released a working copy (Zwiki-0.7.1!)... Any further development on this? how about starting a fishbowl? --hasankacmaz