a guy who's starting to warm to ZWiki.

for contact purposes, mbrad1@iastate.nospam.please.edu

more later, when i've got the time. :)

do you think i'll ever actually have free time??? ha! -mjb

Matt's recent thoughts (scroll down for latest)

i'm actually testing the html output of this site. my new galeon (1.1.1) chokes on mine.

this is now fixed (as of mozilla0.9.8). it was a bug w/ multiple <input type=submit ...>'s or something -mjb

ok, here's some zwiki thoughts i'm throwing into the ether. i don't really want to litter the GeneralDiscussion page, but RecentChanges junkies might find it

  1. weird inheritance/acquisition behavior. inherited pages actually inherit from their parent wiki in newer browsers (moz and konq at least) but fail to inherit w/ netscape 4.7. this was leading me to believe a js bug or something. but the server actually raises an exception. weird. i don't have much time to devote to tracking this down... anyone figure it out already? :)
  2. it'd be nice to have a document (probably belongs on zope's wiki) describing how to edit the html output that a wiki construct triggers. for instance, i hate the space stx puts in bulletted lists. it'd be nice to have a guide saying "edit that in stc.py line 36" or something. or, even better. have an advanced properties tab for a zwiki web where you can edit the generated output.

please excuse my poor writing. i'm in a hurry and tired. ;)