Meatball's focus is experimenting with collaborative hypertext media. Collaborative in the sense of building communities online. Or, more appropriately, building information together.

"The web, and media like it, looks like a big bowl of meatball spaghetti. You've got content--the meatballs--linked together with the spaghetti. "

Meatball discusses not only existing approaches, but creates new media itself. Meatball is a meta-project; it's a project to manage projects. However, we hope to build interesting things in our wake.

See WikiWikiWeb:MeatBall and Meatball Wiki. Visit MeatBall:RecentChanges if you're a RecentChangesJunkie?.

God that description is old (months!). Meatball has kind of changed since then into whatever it's become. Still along the same lines, though.--SunirShah