SunirShah's excellent multi-wiki title search engine: , MeatBall:MetaWiki .

Metawiki search: (regexps allowed)


The real reason I bring this up is to include zwikis. If anyone wishes to include their wiki, please follow the instructions on MeatBall:MetaWiki .


Sunir this is super.

Actually, I wanted people to do that. Eat it, Google. ;) This is all MeatBall:ReiniUrban's fault. He asked for it, so I wrote it. --ss

Wheee! What to search for next ? (haven't enjoyed a search engine this much for a while :) --SM

More wikis to index. Duh. ;) --ss

I've integrated this somewhat with the site search (SearchPage?) --SM

Super nifty! --ss

20000223: experimenting with an automated SisterSites based on this.

There is a special superfast interface for other wikis to get all its TwinPages? known by MetaWiki. It uses HTTP POST as the transport, if you know how to do that. The parameters are "twin" for the index listing and "wiki" for your InterWiki name (if you have one). If you don't know how to use POST, use this HTML to do it by hand:

Hey !! I would really like a RemoteWikiURL way to Access Everything2 from my wiki - does anything like this exist?

How about some info on what is needed on the backend to create a web query out of a MetaWiki link?? Now that would be WAY COOL

here's an example of what I'd like to do:

looks like it may already work? fan freaking tastic! GooGle?

Yeah, see EveryThing2 also